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Aura pushing and dowsing

November 3, 2013

During my recent trip to California I managed to fit in a few workshops and talks. One that was quite popular was on the topic of dowsing and auras. I might drop a pot or two about the other contents of these workshops but for this one I’ll talk about one particular aspect. Aura Pushing.

As you might know, we all have an aura (of course I am assuming we all have one, but I haven’t come across an occasion when a person hasn’t had an aura. Although I have come across a tree that didn’t have an aura). What you might not know or indeed is unlikely that you have experienced is your aura being pushed. What do I mean? Well, it seems that one can detect the edge of an aura (using dowsing in this instance) and then push the aura, using your palms. which in turn moves you, i.e. the person whose aura is being pushed. Sounds crazy right?

As I was saying, on this trip to the States I did quite a few talks on dowsing and energy and got to try this out a few times. I’ll be honest with you. I am always a bit wary when I do this. What if it doesn’t work? Talk about making a fool of myself. But in all the tens of times that I have tried this it has only failed a few rare times. Still, I always start this exercise with the cautionary, “this might not work folks.”

The basic principle is simple and is illustrated by a good friend of mine in this video…

  1. Using the dowsing rods find the edge of the aura.
  2. Using the palm, push the edge of the aura.

I really feel that imagination comes into play a lot here. You have to imagine that there is an aura around the person and you have to imagine that there is an energy field around you (or at least your palm) that can push that aura.

Pulling the person (and their aura) requires a little leap into a shamanistic understanding of our energy body. The notion comes from Native American shamanism and is described thus…

From the mid section of our being there extrudes strands of energy that connect us to the entirety of the universe. With practice one can grasp these strands and pull a person (their energy and thus them) towards you.

The real test here is whether the person being pushed and pulled moves in sync with your pushing and pulling. After all, if they just randomly wobble. What does that prove?

The video above is was actually one done here in the UK but the results over in the California were comparable.

Okay, now that seems pretty basic as far as auras and dowsing goes. In the next post I am going to talk about how I extended these experiments and some of the fascinating results that were experienced.

Kal Malik Aura Experimentation

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