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Becoming a Death Eater

November 5, 2013

Another night prowl. In the surprising relative warmth of a mid-October night Kal lured me into an excursion across to the western end of North Wales. Our target was, of course, The Llangernyw Yew tree. That ever-faithful dispenser of all things Otherworldly.

As we got closer that evening the mist began to form until, on our arrival, the churchyard had adopted what for most people would have been a “spooky” atmosphere. For us, it was our cloak. The moon hung wide and bright, close to its full Harvest wax, but not quite full. There was enough ambient light to move safely without torches.

A Question of Service

As I walked through the graveyard I became aware that something was different about this visit. I decided to ask some questions using the dowsing rods to see if I could figure out what that was. I began by asking:

  • Is there anything for me to gain here? NO.
  • No? Then is there something for me to give here? YES. I am here to be of service.

Interesting. This doesn’t happen very often,and probably because most sites we visit have been worked on by Kal and I already, and so rarely need energetic attention or healing. However, in this case it seemed like it was not the usual energy healing that the Llangernyw site needed, it was something different – something that I had not been called upon to do at a site before (although as it turned out it was similar to something I do regularly anyway).

I was curious, so I asked the dowsing rods to lead me to a place where I could be of service…

I was taken by a path which swung wildly from one side to another. The width of the movement was about twelve feet from each peak of the oscillation. This was not a “normal” subtle energy path, unless something had both pulled and compressed it simultaneously. I could n’t work out what it was at the time, but now I know why it was that shape. I’ll explain in a moment.

The path stopped beneath one of the many yew trees in the area – it was the back of a clump of trees that I had sat beneath on my last visit, although this time I had approached from the opposite side. The dowsing rods circles at a seemingly innocuous and undistinguished point. There are two methods I use to discover more. One is to run through a list of energy forms that I have encountered before and to ask the dowsing rods to indicate which one  corresponds. That’s fine for things I’ve come across before, but this whole visit felt different. I felt this might be something “known” but “new” – if that makes sense? Something I had a conceptual awareness of, but had not worked with before. I decided to use my intuition to feel for the answer rather than try to dowse it. I could do a dowsing test afterwards.

I stood still on the spot, feeling the energies rising up around me like a low smell. These days I can tune into the energies so well that I can actually see them. They were like a patch of vapours that only rose about a foot off the ground. Their character felt like death. A small death? Probably an animal then, I reasoned. The dowsing rods confirmed as much – these were the energetic remainder energies of an animal that had died a violent death at this spot. Although I have dowsed animal energy, and followed ti across the land, still I don’t often deal with animal death energy. I can count that on one hand in the seven years I’ve been doing this.

The animal had met a violent death. This might explain the zig-zag path leading up to the spot – an animal like a rabbit trying to escape the clutches of a fox or the attentions of a circling hawk, perhaps? The death energy was imbued into the land. It needed cleansing. I have cleansed “road kill” many times from within my car. As I pass I visualise a twin stream of energy being neutralised, either rising up to dissipate or being absorbed and sent out into the land to be cleaned.

  • Should I sue that method of clearing here? NO.

Then I was puzzled. How could I deal with it? Facing another unknown I tuned into the energy around and asked the question. How should I deal with this energy? I was shown a picture of myself taking a deep breath. “By absorption” was the answer. I have to take the bad energy in and then get rid of it. This was new!

Take a Deep Breath…

Standing on the spot where the animal energy was fixed I began to feel for what I should do. I inhaled a deep breath. The first breath pulled in thin wisps of the energy at the top of the mass of weaving subtle energy below me. I concentrated on attuning to the energy frequency, then inhaled a second, deeper breath, linking to the energy like I do when I want to pull energy around in my wake as I walk.

The vile violent energy went in through my mouth and I quickly moved it down into my lower energy centre where it gets coiled up into a ball., The third breath was the longest, the deepest and the strongest. On this breath I vacuumed up all the remaining energy from the spot below me. Now it was all deep within me like having eaten a stale suet pudding.

What now? Suddenly I became a little concerned that I had this off-colour violent energy all condensed inside me. What was I supposed to do with it now?

The Grounding Tree

I ask the dowsing rods where I should go to dispose of the bad ball of energy. The rods direct me out of the cover of the yew trees and on a winding path up through the churchyard to the higher area where the church and the grand old yew are situated. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to try to second guess the results of your dowsing. I believe I’m heading for the yew tree, and indeed that’s the way that the rods are leading me. However, when I arrive at the edge of the tree’s aura – in line with its canopy – then I am brought to an abrupt halt!

I have this idea in my head that the yew tree is going to absorb the horrible energies for me, but as I attempt to enter into the tree’s influence or domain, then it stops me short with a push at my stomach. It’s such a short sharp shock that I stop dead and begin to ask questions. I work out that the tree will help me to release the energies, but will not do the work for me. Exactly how that is going to work, I don’t know, but realising that much seems to be enough to allow me to enter beneath the yew tree. The dowsing rods move me to a bent branch where I am directed to stand beneath the bowing bough.

I stand beneath the branch wondering what to do, so for want of an idea I let my thoughts go – instinctively I reach up and find a small sawn-short branch which is like a hand. I hold the “hand” and together we release the energy. This is done by me bringing the energy up and spitting it out. I do this three times, but on the third spit there is no spit, just a long slow breath during which I invite the wind spirits to take the energy and dissipate it.

The energy has been not such much grounded as released and dissipated, taken by the spirits of the air.

The Naming Convention

As I stand beneath the yew tree offering it thanks for helping me achieve this result I hear the tree speaking to me, as it has done many times before. I am given the moniker “Death Eater“, as Kal had once been given the name “Spirit Walker” (a role he rejects).

Those familiar with the Harry Potter books by J.K.Rowling will recognise that the term “Death Eater” is in common usage in that series and refers to a group of witches and wizards who practise The Dark Arts. Believe me – me being given this title is something altogether different and much more aligned to the ancient shamanic practice described by Alberto Villoldo in his book “Dance of the Four Winds“:


I walk back down through the churchyard, veiled in a deep mist and casting eerie shadows, and I am unafraid. As a Death Eater I have nothing to fear from the death energies in graveyards. My world has slightly changed tonight.

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