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Caileach at the Wizards wood

November 26, 2013
Kal under Hunters Moon
Kal under Hunters Moon

Gwas was restless for an outing and since we are both situated not far from Alderley Edge and the Wizards wood, that was the place on the cards. The Autumn nights had closed in so it was past sunset when we arrived at the eaves of the forest. The night air was cool and fresh as we took torches from the boot of the car. However mere moments into the forest we realised that the almost half-moon provided enough light for us to see by.

As far as purposes go, I had none on this occasion. It was to be out just for enjoyment. However as often happens, the universe had other plans. Gwas and I dowsed through the moonlit forest for a place of commune. After some minutes the rods led us both on the same path but to separate (by some 10 foot) trees.

Interestingly Gwas was facing away from the moon and I was facing directly toward it. This is of note because of the two of us, Gwas is the moon aligned person.

I closed my eyes and let myself open to impressions and commune with this magnificent forest. As I expected, there was nothing. We are days beyond the threshold of Samhain and the world (in these parts at least) is falling into slumber. My enjoyment of the peace and the silvery light of the moon was suddenly interrupted by a sound at my left ear. You know how in hero type films the hero will wear some kind of long cloak that he/she will sweep and flourish? Well that was the sound I heard, the sweeping of a cloak. I immediately recognised the presence. Caileach! As if her mouth was but a breath away from my ear she whispered, “I am going to push you” and she was gone.

That was it, “I am going to push you.” What did that mean? Push me? How? Why? When? Was it a physical, literal push? A mental push? In what direction was she going to push me?

I pondered on her statement as I followed Gwas on his wander through the forest, little did I know at that time that he was/had been pushed too. But for me, this was definitely a foul on Caileach’s part.

Kal Malik – nervous about being pushed

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