Samhain Pilgrimage 2: The Sign of the Crackling Crow

November 22, 2013
nine ladies collection
nine ladies collection

Julie, my Shamanic visitor from the USA and I set off on our first (of many) sacred site visits. It was to be one of my favourite sites, the Nine Ladies in Derbyshire. Throughout the week various friends had consoled me that the days of Julie’s visit were going to be rainy and cloudy. Oh Ye Doom Sayers of little faith! Fortunately I have become immune to the words of others, particularly where the weather is concerned (see most of this blog for evidence). Also since capturing the energies of the Summer Solstice a few months ago, I seemed to have increased my ability of affecting the weather. So as we set out this early Thursday morning I let some of the Solstice Energy slip from chest (like wisps of smoke) into the sky.

We arrived in good order and the walk across field and through wood was, as Julie is want to say, Delightful. The approach to the Nine Ladies comes to a point where there is a cross roads of sorts and one can either continue along the path or one can veer of it and come at the site from a slight angle. Almost always I follow the path, but this time I stopped to consider the alternative. At the end of the alternative path I saw a man meandering hither and thither which kind of put me off going that way. So I turned towards the main path again and took a step but was brought to a stop by a crackling sound.

It was a crow, but it was making a really weird crackling instead of crowing sound. I took it as a sign and headed down the path towards where I had seen the man. By the time I had arrived at the edge of the wood and was looking out on the stones, the man had wandered off to the opposite end of the circle.

I put him out of my mind and let the rods guide me to a place to prepare and cleanse (before entering the nine ladies demesne). By the side of the sacred site, some 25 feet away there is a flattish large rock. It is burned and charred from the many camp fires that are lit around it. This was the place the rods led me to. As I stood upon it I thought that it was very odd because I had never associated (included) it with the sacred site. Still, who am I to argue with the dowsing rods? I stood there looking out at the Autumnal scene when I noticed a large back pack on the floor. I realised it belonged to the man I had seen before (since he was the only other person there). I wondered, was this another sign to point me towards the man?

Asking the rods as to whether I was done with that spot revealed a yes. So again I followed the rods as they danced around the outside of the sacred stones and finally led me up towards to the King Stone. I stood there, looking down upon the circle and noticed the man move back to where his bag was (almost to confirm that it was his bag) and then he too made his way up to the King stone. Not wanting to disturb his journey I remained silent. A few moments later however the man began to talk.

“Many times we need to come to places like this, places where we can reflect on where our life has led us and where we should travel from here. Here we can come to respect our mother the Earth, leaving the noise of the other world behind.”

I let him do the talking, only occasionally nodding or giving a “yes” of acknowledgment. The man spoke of how he escaped the world to visit such places, but that we are creatures of both worlds and so, one escapes these sacred places too.

Profound wisdom, were my thoughts as I felt the tug of energy to leave the King stone and the King behind. Following the rods into the center of the circle, I spent some time in quietude, but knew that my time at the Nine ladies was complete. Walking over to the Devotion Tree I gave up an offering of incense in gratitude for the time, place and wisdom.

I discovered Julie returning from her experiences and we were both done with the Nine Dancers and One King.

Kal Malik

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