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November 28, 2013

There have been a lot of ‘big’ posts recently, but here is a little one. A little story about how the forces of Nature can work with you in daily life to make your life a little better.

I often go out running at lunch time. My work is flexible enough to allow it, and the environment has a number of different terrains so that I can plot a suitable route to match the time I have or the run I want to do. This day I wanted to do a shorter run, just a gentle stroll after the previous day’s hard run to get myself in the habit of going out running regularly, and to prepare myself for a forthcoming 10k run in December.

I got into a short-sleeved top and light leggings. Although the air was cold the sky was blue and the sun was at its midday height. Lovely – perfect conditions. I set off on my smaller route at a comfortable pace. At one point I passed a fellow runner and complimented him on his economical style.

I just turned a corner, increasing my pace as I was relaxing now, and remembering to bring my legs up higher. I looked up at the sky ahead. It was a wall of dark grey in the middle distance. Wintry rain and sleet, I reckoned. The kind of rainfall that gives people in short sleeves a short sharp shock to the system and which can lead to an illness pretty quickly.

I thought about the route ahead which might eventually collide with the cloud front. Did I want to go that way, I asked? Silence. Then I thought about the alternative route – a quick and straight job back down the main road – noisy but direct. At that moment a hawk which I couldn’t see made a familiar quick sharp cry. A sign! I had my answer!

I ran back the short route watching the cloud all the way back. It seemed that I was running in a patch of blue sky above – had I made the wrong decision? Could I have carried on without getting rained on? I debated this all the way back to the office. However, I also thought about the consequences if the hawk’s cry had been the correct sign to follow. I decided to play it safe and to send the hawk some energy – offering it strength and a keen eye on its winter hunting missions. That seemed a fair exchange.

I turned into the covered archway leading to the company’s offices, and slowed my pace to a walk. At that moment the clouds arrived overhead and began to throw down sleet and wetness in large quantities. I ducked into the office quickly. Perfect timing! The hawk had been right. Thanks!

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  1. A pleasure. It`s nice to exchange experiences with like-minded people, that`s why I enjoy reading about your and Kal`s “escapades”. A lot of people just wouldn`t understand us and would probably think we`re cuckoo I´m sure, but when you get evidence it`s different. In the past when I started getting signs, I wondered if it was all coincidence but there have been so many profound experiences. The nicest one in my case was a heart-shaped piece of amber. My beloved and I were in Denmark on holiday a few years ago. As we were walking along the beach we had a silly squabble as you do 😉 After a bit of sulking and huffing, I thought to myself I wish he would find me a nice stone or something to make peace. Gwas, you`ll never guess what happened next.. About 20 seconds later my hub found a HEART-SHAPED PIECE OF AMBER!!!We`ve never ever found amber before and it was so perfect. I wish I could upload a pic here, it`s gorgeous. Anyway on the stretch of beach we both started finding other bits of amber, really tiny, but the love heart is about one and a hafl centimetres. Ahhh it certainly does warm the heart 🙂

  2. That`s a great story Gwas. It inspired me to send the nearby woodland trees positive vibes and strength for the winter when I went out for a walk today. When I got home there was a huge GREEN heart-shaped leaf lying on my doorstep (Unusual for November when most of the leaves are brown. Also it`s not from one of the trees around the house!)

    Got another present in the summer whilst on a woodland/lakeside trail. There, the energy didn`t feel right(there was a wierd feather and stick “sculpture” by the lake and blood on the signpost, extremely dodgy stuff going on there methinks…)Used a special personal mantra. At the end of the walk had the urge to dip my feet in the lake and look down. What did I see but a tiny sparkly stone with markings of a love heart and two other symbols which resembled my “mantra”. Nature knows the score!
    It`ll be interesting if your hawk leaves you a feather or another present 😉

    1. Hi Hez,

      So good to hear from you because you’re one of the people who “get it” about the work we describe here. It’s about selfless giving and being delighted when this is recognised or reciprocated. Yet it is done without any such intention in many cases.

      Sometimes I pity the people who say “coincidence” or “you’re reading too much into that incident”. When you’re a part of the natural flow and cycles of existence, and you get caught up in a little magickal eddy of wonder, then the world seems a perfectly delightful place to be present in.

      Your story of the stone resembling your ‘mantra’ pattern reminds me (full circle) of our Imbolc outing to Bridekirk where the “shield” stone I was carrying was mirrored exactly by a crude wooden cross in the oldest part of the churchyard. Your leaf story reminds me of the love-heart leaf I found when walking ‘mindfully’ in Bodnant Gardens a few weeks ago. Nature’s delightful reflection.

      Ahhh… these delights are what keep us warm in The Quiet Time. 🙂
      Thanks for telling us about your special moments too.


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