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Haunted by the Moon

December 22, 2013
Tarot Moon
Tarot Moon

As readers will know, I have been on a quest to unveil nine questions from within a Dragons Soul Book that is embedded in my chest. What I need to do after they have been revealed is still a mystery. However in a previous post I mentioned that two of those questions, although found had been forgotten. Shame on me.

I had been told that the questions could be recovered but not at a sacred site. Also I had until the Winter solstice to reveal them, which seems to be cheating somewhat as at the beginning of this quest (Back in Feb 2013) I was told that I had a the whole of the year of the Snake to complete it. I am wondering whether that goal post has changed or – more likely – there is more to do after the nine have been revealed.

Anyway, enough back story. I am writing this because another question has been revealed and not too soon. This morning I was clearing out some kit and found my Tarot cards. They had been lost for the last couple of months and I had occasionally looked for them with no joy. Today, they just dropped in my hands, seemingly out of nowhere. I sat down for a few minutes, just to peruse them and welcome them back into my life when a thought occurred to me.

  • Could the Tarot help me discover one or both of the missing questions?

Yes, they could help me with one, said the rods. So I shuffled them and cut the deck to the Moon. The moon is one of the strangest and topsy-turvy card in the deck (in my opinion). It’s about visions, madness and quests. Often about dreams. “About dreams” the thought stuck with me as I pondered the howling dogs.

  • “What dream am I not following?”

The question just popped into my head? I wondered whether it was “the” question? Surely it couldn’t be that simple? I grabbed the dowsing rods and began with the usual question…Can I ask whether this was the question? The answer was a disappointing No. I needed to visit someplace sacred to enquire. It would be a wasted trip if the answer was a no. Still needs must.

It was late afternoon and the sky had grown dark as I set of for Nine Ladies. It is an hour and half drive but I felt that it would be suitable and since the weather has been cold and dry, the path up to it would be good. The journey took longer, I had not taken into account the traffic for that time of day. But all the way I felt comforted because the full moon was auspiciously and synchronously in the sky.

Nine Ladies
Nine Ladies

Arriving at the Nine Ladies was quiet, still and filled with the moons presence. It is definitely a sacred place that comes into its own when the moon is full. We have visited on several occasions during the full moon and never has it disappointed.

I followed the rods to a place where I could cleanse and prepare. They took me to the offering festooned Oak tree. I stood beneath it feeling that it was asleep for the winter. After a few cold minutes I moved on, circling the ring and then up to the king stone. Looking down at the circle in a semi-cloudy night with the moons full brightness is amazing. After sitting on the frosty stone for a few minutes I felt ready to ask. So, again, I asked whether I could enquire as to the veracity of the discovered question. The answer was Yes. So I asked…”Is the question that I have found one of the nine questions?” No!

I asked again, No. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. Slumping back down on the King Stone I considered what to do. The circle was empty of people I noted although it was still early evening. Cold and dark was keeping sensible people at bay, unlike idiots like me, I laughed.

Off to the left of me, some sixty feet, I felt the presence of the watcher. Hidden and unwelcome as usual. Haunting was the word that came to mind. My mind lost focus and thoughts dropped in and out. They gyrated for a while until one resolved itself.

  • I feel like the Moon card.

Confusion, illusion, being lost, not understanding are the hall marks of the Moon Tarot card. It being the full moon too and being at a sacred site that impacts on the energies (albeit only slightly because of the winter time). All were coming together to make me light-headed. Another unfocused thought paid homage to my mind…”Haunted by a dream” The logical part of my brain noted that I was just mish-mashing my question with the thoughts that were welling up. Haunted by a dream? What dream? What dream is haunting me?

I froze in the freezing cold. “What dream is haunting me?” That was it, I knew it without even needing the rods to affirm it (although of course I did). It was “the” question. “What dream is haunting me?”

Sighing with relief and gratitude, I spent several moments lighting incense and giving thought of gratitude. Only one more question to go and only 4 days to find it. Talk about last-minute!

Kal Malik Moonlight

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