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Regret, forgiveness and our Energetic Double

December 17, 2013

Okay, Yesterday I visited Nine Stones Close. A beautiful sacred site and one that I will always hold a favourite. Ostensibly I had gone there to ask other questions (about questions) but why not knockout two birds with one rock, right? As part of my research I wanted to know the effects on our Energetic Double with regards to Forgiveness or indeed lack of forgiveness.

  • Is our energetic double affected by lack of forgiveness? Yes
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is it for our double if we don’t forgive? 7

Seven is quite a high level. I asked whether it depended on what it was we were not forgiving and the answer (of course) was a Yes. But it seems that it is a factor of:

  • the intensity of emotion
  • the frequency (how often we think about it)
  • the action (whether we seek revenge)
  • the talk (how often we talk about it, which is different to how often we think about it)

Whilst I was pondering these and considering other questions, my thoughts turned to regret. For some reason my intuition was telling me that there was a correlation. Interesting, if I do say so myself.

Over the past years I have done a lot (well for me) work on understanding and connecting with my Energy Double. So I was interested to add this to my knowledge base. Energy goes where focus goes is a saying that is often pushed forward so I asked…

  • Is the Energy Double stuck in the memory of the unforgiven event? No

Well, not a proper “no” more of a kind-of no. Interesting and then I had a nudge of intuition, “time” is not a problem for our energy self. So I rephrased the question…

  • Is our energy double stuck at the specific time and space of the event that is unforgiven?

Wow! What a notion, some further exploration revealed that the Energy Double yo-yo’s back to the event (in time!) which to it seems like a criminal who has been let out on parole and who must go and visit the event every time it is thought of. Staggering!

Remarkable dowsing
Remarkable dowsing

If lack of forgiveness forms a kind of prison for our Energy Double, what then of Regret? Why was that pinging and interest? It seems (after questioning) that it was regrets of paths not taken. From dowsing my understanding is that our Energy Double not only gets locked but it gets locked into an imagined world which it gets lost in. apparently reality and fantasy become blurred and its route back to us becomes more and more difficult.

This stuff needs assimilating and is giving me a headache. But is so fascinating. Particularly the amount of personal work I did on forgiveness many years ago. Is this why it seems easier (I use the term very loosely here) for me to connect with my double? This was the last question I put to the rods at Nine Stones Close. The answer was an almost sigh of relief, Yes.

Kal Malik – Awed!

GWAS: See also A.E.Powell’s book – available online – called The Etheric Double.

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