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Summary 2013 – Lessons Learned Pt2

December 31, 2013

In the second half of my second summary post I’m completing the lessons learned for the remainder of the year – that’s August to December. In this post I talk about the stag energies, energetic balance, death energy and some of the natural magickal techniques that I have been shown this year.


Stag and the Staff

  • Learned that a staff can become associated with a kind of ‘patron’ energy form
  • My new yew stag-headed staff becomes associated with the Gwyn Ap Nudd/Herne/Cernunnos energy.

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Balancing and Tuning at Sacred Sites

  • You can reconfigure your own energy field to match that of a sacred site (especially a stone circle).
  • When the circle is at a balanced point in the year (equinoxes) then you can easily balance your chakras/energy field

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  • Chakras can be tuned through the vowel sounds – caves are excellent places to do this

Absorbing the Gwyn energies

  • The energies of an energy form such as Gwyn Ap Nudd can be absorbed into your own energy field, such that they “walk with you”
  • The purpose of this is to be able to invoke their guiding presents more readily

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What the Romans Did For Us

  • On Anglesey I discovered that one of the few remaining traditions that were left virtually intact by the Roman invasion were the arts associated with the knowledge of local plants and their powers.
  • I was asked to continue this tradition when communing with the shade of Iestyn.

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Dream Work

  • In a profoundly vivid dream I found that it was possible to release the energy of a trapped spirit.
  • Where that spirit actually was at that time I don’t know, but the process was one fo the most involving and unique dream experiences I have ever had.

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Sound shifting

  • Sound can enhance the process of crossing into the Otherworld, or Crossing the Hedge as it is sometimes called.
  • My vision of the bellowing stag was a demonstration of this power

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The Apron of Cailleach

  • In a vision I was shown that tribal kings were once ‘crowned’ (apprenticed) by being put into the ownership of – beneath the apron of – the goddess form Cailleach.
  • They won their freedom and the right to be a ruling King in their own right after a period of magickal tuition.

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Calling Elemental Spirits

  • I learned how to call a water and air spirit by drawing a particular sigil.

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Raising the Horns of Power

  • I was taught a technique called Raising the Horns of Power which was a method of protection, but slightly different to other protection I have been shown already.
  • The horns were raised to deflect criticism/negativity through finding an inner strength and freedom.
  • The technique for raising the horns was to recall the feeling of running freely, then bellow like a stag!

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Spiral energies and dead spots

  • A double-headed spiral form which can be found at most stone circles creates an energetic centre  – a dead spot – where work can be done without being influenced by the subtle energies around.
  • Often we dowse where to work in stone circles and unknowingly we have been taken to a ‘dead spot’. Now we know to look for them.

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Season of Fire

  • In October I spent some time learning about how to call lightning. The crucial lesson I learned was that it was incredibly difficult to have enough energy to make this happen on demand!
  • I also think I missed the full story on this one – I suspect there is more to it than I have discovered so far.
  • Nevertheless, with failure comes learning, and I am ready to go back around the spiral of learning to wait for my next chance.

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  • I discovered that fire pits – places where people have sat around a fire – are natural power centres due to the intent that is concentrated upon them by humans

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A Re-Introduction to Death Energy

  • Energetic remnants can be left like recordings at places where energy is sufficiently strong
  • Shades of human beings can remain if the person intending to remain is energetically powerful and knowledgeable enough to do this
  • The power of the death leaves an imprint of the energy body of the being which died. How long this lasts for if intent is not part of that process is currently unknown.

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Season of Death

  • The death theme continued. In a graveyard I was given the status of ‘Death Eater’
  • I was shown by a yew tree how to absorb (eat) and ground (regurgitate) energies.

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  • At Alderley Edge I was placed in a precarious position – literally! On the Perilous Seat, you might say.
  • This ‘fulcrum of choice’ was the ultimate test of loyalty to the path of druidry, which I accepted.

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Perimeter Paths

  • While dowsing a dolmen I was shown that The Megalith Builders made a perimetric path around the capstone.
  • The purpose of this path was so that walkers would charge energies at the site, raising the experience for the person inside the structure.

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  • Discovered the four type of subtle energy classification from the various sources (primarily celestial or earthly):-
  1. Male Celestial energy (sourced from The Sun)
  2. Female Celestial energy (sourced from The Moon)
  3. Male Earth energy (sourced from Heat acting on Organic Matter)
  4. Female Earth energy (sourced from Water flowing over Crystal)


The year of 2013 has seen me go higher up the spirals that I have been involved with previously. Familiar subjects have been taken to new levels, and these subjects feel more advanced now. The simple principles that we have used to define our relationships with the invisible forces at work in our world have been shown to be much more complex than they first seem.

The discovery of my new spirit guide has taken me back to my work with subtle energies. This has brought more balance into my year as I have alternately focused on spirit work and subtle energy work with equal measure.

The major component of my year, though, was the Arthurian framework of tarot cards from the Camelot Oracle. This provided me with points in the year to work towards, and a real sense of development when the related quests were realised in the Celtic Festival dates. This has been an amazing foundation for my work and I wonder if it will be appropriate to do the same next year?

Thank you all for reading. As ever, we hope you have seen some of the possibilities available through the work that Kal and I do with our divination techniques and how they can be applied to working with spirit forms and with subtle energies in order to reap great rewards in terms of spiritual development. Long live the Druids! Oh, and the Edge Wizards!

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