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The Final Solution

December 24, 2013

2013 has been engrossed in a quest that I have called, the Dragons Soul Book quest. Sounds like something out of a fantasy book, right. Still, it is what it is. In essence it was to gain, recover or discover nine questions. The story, in detail, is told throughout this blog. But I will do a catchup post later in the week. For this post I want to relate how the last of the questions was recovered and typical of quests, pretty much at the last moment.

Time was running out. It was the Solstice in 3 days and I was a question short. “Don’t Panic” is apt advice at this time, but one has to ask, “do you really want to go around the spiral again, particularly if it’s a year-long”? No! So I was in panic mode. Although the Winter time is quiet in my line of work. It has been hectically busy this year. So when a text arrived from a friend asking whether I wanted to go off on a 4 hour jaunt I vacillated to the point of having a “Yes” and a “No” text at the ready.

As a side note: Many times I have been asked as to what is good to dowse for in life’s choices. This is an excellent example of such a case. When you have a yes/no choice and the benefits seem to equate. Instead of determining it on the turn of dice, why not ask which is energetically beneficial. Which is exactly what I did and thus the next day I was sat in the car with my friend heading towards the quaint town of Buxton, UK, just on the outskirts of Derbyshire.

Upon arrival my friend got busy with her stuff, so I was left with an hour to wander and ponder. Or rather, surreptitiously ask the Rods (in the middle of a town by the way) which way I should go to benefit from this energy. They pointed me up the street from where we had parked. Ten minutes later I saw on the other side of the road an olde worlde book shop. You know what I mean, right. Quaint, nooks and crannies, dusty and out of print books. I was tempted to cross over, but wanted to see what was further up the road.

Buxton Bookshop
Buxton Bookshop

A few more minutes walk in the bracing cold revealed nada. So, on an intuitive hunch, I asked the rods whether the bookshop was what they had been meaning? Yes. Minutes later I was in the shop.

It being early morning Thursday, the shop was deserted of customers and so made it easy to utilise the dowsing rods to find the book that I was being directed to (of course it was a book). The shoppe had five floors of books with two or three rooms on each floor. The rods led me right to the top floor (no surprise) and to a section titled, Religion. Terrific (sic)!

Using binary splits, I got to a single book on the subject of Qabalah and the Tree of Life. Leafing through the book, a single word caught my eye, Chakra. In a book on the Qabalah!? For those who might not know, chakras are my pet subject. So, beyond the fact that the rods had selected it. I was now very interested in this book.

For a moment I considered another binary search of the book to find the page that would be of note, if page it was. But felt that that was not the way here. I asked the rods my penultimate question. Is the question I am seeking in this book? Yes.

Sitting down in a comfy seat in the shop, I got in state and closing my eyes, flipped through the book to land on a random page. Taking a deep breath, I opened my eyes and looked at the two pages that I had opened the book on. A single heading was in the middle of the second page…

“What have you learned?”

Simple, elegant and conclusive! My final question of the rods confirmed that this was indeed the question that completed the set of nine. It had only taken a ten months and a few thousand miles to do.

Kal Malik – the Winter Solstice beckons.

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