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The Untreatable Dog

December 1, 2013

Sometimes we come across the odd miracle or two. Sometimes the miracle can be explained if one is aware of the nature of subtle energy and the way that natural magick works (see the post The Nine Doctrines of Natural Magick). I came across such a miracle recently, and I decided to do a bit more investigation into what the actual constituent parts were that contributed to the result.

The miracle involved a very distraught dog owner. This lady, oddly enough, has the eyes of a cat – very striking – yet she is a dog owner who loves her pet very much. We had known each other on a regular but casual basis for several months, and we had begun to chat in that time, albeit very briefly. She called me to one side one day, enquiring in hushed tones whether I wanted to hear something “really weird”. Did I? Weird is what I do, lady! She didn’t know that – yet – she thought I was normal.

She explained her sad tale. How her dog had become ill with something which several vets in succession had been unable to diagnose and treat. The lady had spent £2000 on treatments and visits up to this point and the dog was only getting worse with the original illness, and now the side effects of the treatments.  In desperation a lady went to the local homoeopath in the town where I work. And this, the lady explained, was the weird bit. The homoeopath had hung a crystal from a chain and swung it around over some bottles. You’ll never guess what – it actually moved towards certain bottles when she asked it questions! The look on the lady’s face was inviting me to be similarly surprised by this magical action. I smiled. “I know, ” I said, “I do that too. It’s called dowsing.” If possible her eyebrows moved further towards the back of her head. My veneer of normality had one layer scraped away.

As she continued to explain how the homoeopath had selected the cure and then dowsed for the frequency of application I began to wonder if this was something that I should begin to take more of an interest in? Anyway, the cure was as yet unproven. The lady finished her tale and then said, “What do you think of that? Do you think it will work?” I said that I was sure it would, but that more important than what I thought, she had to believe it would work too. I stressed how important that was, and then left her with that, saying I would check back with her regularly.


At home I couldn’t shake off the idea that I could help here. I grabbed my dowsing rods and asked them if I could contribute without detrimental effect. They confirmed that I could. I stood in my power centre at home, grounding then connecting to the subtle energy forces. Then I pictured the lady, and through her, connected to her dog. I could ‘see’ the overall condition was not good – the illness was affecting the whole of the dog’s aura which looked like a sickly pale green colour – a kind of insipid lime colour, like pale phlegm. I gathered up a whole load of subtle energy from my staff, from the dog’s surroundings and then from myself, and I pushed the whole collection of energies down through the energetic bridge, using my heart chakra and a loving emotion to be the motivation for the movement. I held the stream open for about ten seconds and when i felt the energy was being received I discontinued the connection, grounding, disconnecting, and clearing myself back to a neutral state.

During the next week i asked how things were going.

Twice I got “No better, I’m afraid.” Then, at the end of the week, she positively ambushed me. “It’s worked!” she beamed. “I can’t believe it – it’s only worked! That little bottle of stuff she gave me has worked! She’s done what £2000 of vet treatments couldn’t!” She was elated. I shared her excitement. Afterwards, as I walked along the street I thought about this. Which elements of the cure had been effective, I wondered?

I went home to dowse the answers. How much of the cure was down to the various inputs:-

  1. The Dog
  2. The Owner
  3. The Homoeopath
  4. The Hedge Druid
  5. Some other source

The answers were that The Owner and The Hedge Druid have been responsible for the cure. The owner had contributed 50% to the effect, and yours truly had been the other 50%.

Having worked out the sources of the cure, it was time to narrow down which aspect of that source had been influential:-

  1. The dog’s desire to be well – NO
  2. The owner’s faith in the cure – YES
  3. The owner’s love for the dog – YES
  4. The Homoeopath’s remedy – YES (but it was ineffective without the owner’s intent/belief/love)
  5. The Homoeopath’s intent – NO
  6. The Hedge Druid’s remote healing – YES
  7. Some other input? – NO

Then I felt I should check the obvious question:

  • Would the dog have recovered without any of these inputs? – STRONGLY NO.


This opens up a new direction for me. It seems that homoeopathic remedies can be effective to some extent, but they require a few vital ingredients from the people who are acquiring them – some belief in their efficacy, and some love and intent poured into the process to effect the cure.

Yet, in this situation, that would have been only half of the story. There was another crucial involvement – my remote healing energy. Much to my surprise I found that my healing energy had made the cure more effective – sped the process up considerably – and even increased the chances of a successful cue. This is something new for me. Although I have been told by others that this was something I should do, this is the first time that I have been able to discover that my remote healing work has actually had a positive effect.

Maybe these are the first tentative steps on a new rods of my druidic learnings. Maybe that shade of St.Iestyn  has led me to a new fork in the path – that of healing? We will see.


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  1. Apologies for such a long post.
    The difference between Reiki and what you achieved Gwas is that you had to muster the energy yourself, create and blend it, like in QiGong and other systems, then send it to its target. In theory, people working that way can deplete themselves. Reiki attunements enable the practitioner to channel the energy through themselves there and then, no preparation is required (apart from common sense grounding centering and protection) and with Reiki there’s no possibility of personal energetic depletion because as you give you also automatically receive.

    “Intent to heal” is a nightmare, if you think about it deeply, intent to heal involves the person considering themselves to be a healer to have a giant ego, to assume they can heal someone else. In reality, they are only the means of delivery of the energy, like a postman. They can deliver the energy to its target but it’s up to the recipient whether to accept it or use it or not. Karmically, it’s thought better to ditch the ego and as humans seem to need to intend, then intend that the energy despatched is used for the person or animal’s highest good. Or intend that it enliven’s the recipient person or animal’s inner self-healing mechanism if that’s applicable with the recipient’s karma.

    Homoeopathic remedies aren’t dispensed like western ones where say for backache everyone would be given ibuprofen. The homoeopath takes into account lots of symptoms of the dis-ease but also lots about the person’s character. Two people with identical symptoms visiting a homoeopath could well be given two very different remedies. I’ve seen a few homoeopaths choose which remedies would be suitable by using a pendulum, not so much for a face to face patient although it does happen, but for an absent one ( if the homoeopath is a confident dowser ) it can help enormously in choosing the right remedy. The same applies when making a home remedy or a charm bag etc. for a third party.

    Here’s something you may like to try, usual caveat just because it works like a dream for me you may not find it so … If you’d like to practise absent healing, next time you’re asked, try charging a crystal with the specific healing energy and literally sending it to the person or owner, a person can carry it in a pocket or pouch, put it under their pillow etc. An animal or child needs to have it close enough to be effective but nowhere it can be eaten. It’s also easier to energetically top it up if they or you feel the need anytime, the crystal provides a direct connection. If the recipient is sensitive to subtle energies, it’s very interesting to hear their first impressions when they receive and hold it. It’s even more interesting when they don’t know you.

    It’s good to see you reach this stage on your Path, I’m sure you’ll explore it and find it fascinating. Look forward to reading about your progress, as always.

    1. Hi Hez,

      Thanks for your comments. Here are some responses to your points:-

      a) Although I was using “my” energy in the mix, I was really acting as a gatherer of other energies – from Nature, and from spirit helpers who I have allied with over the years, and who specialise in healing. I wouldn’t say it was my energy that I was using. I am aware of the possibility of draining, and I always counter that by a process of generation first (abundance) and then disconnection afterwards (to avoid continued depletion), and then I resotre my balance afterwards.

      b) Ego is necessarily a part in any intent or act involving Will. The masculine part of me is comfortable with that. I don’t think “karmically” because it makes my head hurt. I leave that to the Bean Counters in other realms.

      c) Further dowsing suggests that the Homoeopath put their intent into the Owner. This was an inadvertant action, one which accompanied the desire for the cure to succeed for the Owner, rather than intending the cure to work for the Target (the dog). I guess that may happen when wanting to please a ‘customer’ and the target is not directly available.

      d) I understand your concept of using a crystal as part of the process. It is familiar to me. This year I have been directed to work without any ‘crutches’ – to go free-form, if you like! I have therefore avoided all use of crystals, my staff, or candles. I have lit incense, but only to please my nose, rather than to be effective as part of my work. I don’t know if this will continue next year, but it was a strong directive for this year. In fact, it has been rather pleasing to go around unencumbered by paraphenalia, and to ralise that a stronger itnen, visualisation and focus is required when working without tools.

      e) Don’t know if I have reached a healing stage on my path yet. People around me keep trying to get me involved in such work, but I have always considered it to be only one small aspect of a much larger “catalogue” of work that I do. I don’t want to be a healer, or a herbalist, or a dowser, or any such skillset in isolation. For me, all this energy work, working with spirits, with place, with Nature… it’s all one thing. It’s druidry. I’m keeping a lid on the healing work unless specifically directed because I can see how it could consume a lot of time.

      Phew – even longer response to your response!

      1. As I read this part of your response:
        “I’m keeping a lid on the healing work unless specifically directed because I can see how it could consume a lot of time.”
        I wondered whether you should be aware that you are careful that you do not limit the manifestation of your gifts. Perhaps there is more to be learned as to WHY you are resistant to the healing work. I know for myself I had to do a journey to see why I was resistant to doing healing work as well.

        1. All good points. I think what puts me off doing more healing work are the following things:-

          a) people become dependent/reliant upon you – I’m very independent and don’t like to become entabgled with people’s issues
          b) time – I barely have enough time to work, live and pursue my path. I’m not keen to add more repetitious work to that yet.
          c) it’s a huge area to research – herbs, preparations, biology, physiology, healing energy techniques, crystals…etc.

          I mean – good luck to you if that’s your main purpose in life, but for me it’s one of many strands, and so it gets prioritised accordingly.

  2. Very interesting results. I am surprised and curious.

    Homeopathy is symptomatically prescribed. What I mean is that a list of symptoms is created, that list is then used to determine what remedy should be prescribed. The fact that the practitioner had used dowsing is unusual.

    Homeopathic remedies are not usually “intent” powered although I can see why and how this could make them better. But my point is that, in the creation process, intent is not seen as a factor.

    Having said that, the Intent of the homeopathic practitioner when selecting and precribing a remedy can be seen as healing. There is a huge amount of notions coming together here. For instance…

    In time and space the dog and the remedy came together. Some practitioners believe that the dog would actually start to improve from the point at which the owner decided (moved along a path) to get a remedy. The notion that Energy ripples both forward and back in time. We’ve seen this with Sacred Sites that need healing, right?

    Another leaf to add to the tree of exploration…

    1. Yes, I am left surprised and curious too. I am not sure how this Homoeopath determined the cure, but the owner said that she dowsed for it. Perhaps the word “homoeopath” is misleading in this instance? However, it is accurate in the sense that the bottle of substance given to the owner was intended as a cure. In that sense, the intent of the homoeopath was contained in the cure, surely?

      And yet, when dowsed out afterwards, it was found that the intent of the homoeopath AND the cure itself were not factors in the dog’s healing process.

      That’s why I wanted to split things out a bit. To isolate some of the elements which WERE effective in this instance. Now, Im not saying it would be the case in all instances of this type, but I was curious and surprised to find that the only contributing factors were remote healing energy and the owner’s love/will.

      I don’t want to bring time/space coordinates into this! It’s complicated enough without that aspect! Trust you to add another layer!!


  3. I’m a bit curious about the Homeopath’s intent. I can’t imagine making a cure without putting intent into it myself … do you think there was no input at all or was it just that it had no effect?

    1. When I dowsed it I was sure that this would register as having some effect, because as you say – isn’t intent part of the preparation of the cure by the homoeopath? I thought so.
      In this instance, either no such intent was put into the cure, or it did not contribute to the result. I didn’t go to that level of differentiation, but I will do. I’ll go back and dowse it further.

      Surprised? I was! And still am.

        1. Possibly. Would need more cases to know. This was a one-off. However, if the physical cure didn’t contain anything that was actively involved in the result, then….where would the healing have come from?

  4. Sounds like the remote healing of Reiki to me! I am gaining an understanding that everyone has the ability to do Reiki but have forgotten that they know how!

    1. I think Reiki is just the latest name for a skill which is being revived under its name. After all, I haven’t been “attuned” by a Reiki “master”! 😉
      I like to think of it more akin to the Cunningfolk tradition. But it’s all just subtle energy congregation and direction whatever the name or derivation.

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