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Cornwall Winter 10 – Re-laying Lines at Helman Tor

January 30, 2014

In the final part of my winter visit to Cornwall I take a long walk to a remote hilltop to re-engage with Nature, and to learn a little more about ley lines.

It’s a short drive from Lesquite Quoit to the village of Lanlivery, where I parked at the local pub – The Crown Inn. Time for a spot of traditional lunch fayre (pie and mash) before heading out along The Saint’s Way towards my destination – Helman Tor.

Saints Way map
Map of The Saint’s Way, Cornwall

The Saint’s Way

I was lucky. The rain was holding off, and the walk along the Saint’s Way promised some spectacular views. The trail is well-marked and mostly well-surfaced. Then I got over the first hill out of Lanlivery and all that turned on its head! The wind picked up and I was grateful for the protective hedgerows on each side of the path. Then came the mud. The path had flooded for long sections and I had to pick my way around the worst depths, even with good footwear on. Nevertheless, I’d love to come back and do the full trail in summer. I bet it’s incredibly beautiful. It was nice even in its winter setting.

The Saints Way - Cornwall

Helman Tor was approaching. I had in mind that I might find another clue to finding The Blood Ring – my third ancestral artefact. I wrapped up and ploughed on with renewed vigour.

Another Blood Ring clue

The approach to Helman Tor is long. You get to see the hilltop about a mile away and then it never seems to get any closer! Eventually I arrived at the car park just below the summit. What? I could have driven right to it? Never mind – the walk was worth the effort, and being out in the winds had energised me – so much so that I bounded up the hill towards the first stone that looked interesting – a balanced rock feature which just invited you to sit under it. So, I did.

The respite from the bitter cold was most welcome. The dowsing rods had indicated one particular power centre to sit on, and sure enough it was warm and cosy. Huddled under the stone I began to fall into a light sleep, letting my mind contain only one question: “What could I learn about The Blood Ring?” – the quest uppermost in my mind at that moment.

Stone at Helman Tor

In my reverie I was able to make contact with a local spirit of place who had been roused by my activities. When i asked about the ring and why I hadn’t found it in any jewellery shop in Truro I got laughter in return. Not mocking laughter, just laughter as though to suggest that I was expecting this to be too easy. The spirit told me that to find the Blood Ring I would have to map dowse the Truro area. The indication was that it was in a stately home and I need to remotely view it before deciding what to do about getting the energies from it. Well, that was much more information that I had expected! I roused myself and thanked the spirit for its help. I left a stone that i had been carrying as a reward, infusing it with gratitude.

The Old Straight Track from Helman Tor

On the Tor I sat at a place designated for me by the dowsing rods after I had asked for the most beneficial place. As I sat huddled behind a rock avoiding the winds which whipped my clothing I felt a presence. it was the Spirit of Place for this hill. I was pleased to have attracted its attention, so I asked if it wanted me to know anything in particular. The spirit directed my attention to the clay waste pyramid which stands above St.Austell in the village of Bugle.

As I dis-engaged my normal focused attention a shimmering line appeared in line with where I sat, passing through a small lake below me, and continued across the landscape in line with the distant pyramid shape. I enquired of the Spirit of Place whether this was an existing ley line? It was not – it had once been a line of energy, but now it had faded. I felt something of an impetus behind that statement. I was being asked to link into the ley energy route and re-energise it!

Helman Tor - Cornwall (2)

I was very unsure about this. Although I had done something like that at Dinas Bran a long time ago, it was a long time ago! Was it beneficial to do this kind of energy work? What about the implications on the surrounding landscape and people? I stood up and dowsed for the answer – the dowsing rods said it was beneficial to do this. I was still unsure. I turned my attention to the whole of the landscape before me, and actually asked the land – show me a sign if you think I should do this work!

Two crows suddenly appeared from below where I was seated. They flew together around my head describing the knitted threads of male and female energy that I should create. It was a vortex, a DNA-like formation, and I knew what it meant. It was a good thing to do this work. Everything around me was confirming this. OK, so be it.

Helman Tor - Cornwall (1)

I got prepared, then drew energy from the landscape around me, from the hill, and from the aether. I created male and female streams in turn, sending them across the land in the corkscrew spiral form I had just been shown. I was using the emotion of joy to unlock love energy – centred on my heart chakra – which united the male and female energy spirals into a neutral energy ley. It took a matter of a few minutes of deep concentration, then I felt it was in place without my input.

This was a demonstration for me of the way I could re-create a ley line. A lesson which I intend to put to good use in the coming year when I embark upon a major project to work on the nation’s energy grid lines. More about that when the time arises.

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