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Cornwall Winter 6 – Perran Round

January 22, 2014

Wednesday had been a torrential unrelenting downpour. It would turn out to be the first of many such rainstorms over the next few weeks which would result in the Cornwall and Devon regions having one of the worst spells of flooding in living memory in January 2014. However, this was just a prelude, but it meant that I delayed my outings until Thursday 19th December, then got back on track as the skies cleared up and the temperature lifted to unseasonable levels.

This would be my last productive day in Cornwall, yet I was still a slave to the weather. The morning was bright and promising, but all around as I travelled out to my first destination I could see banks of greyness closing in, and I knew my time was going to be limited today. I chose to visit the northern coast of Cornwall, and to see a new place – Perran Round, or St.Piran’s Round.

Perran Round had been mentioned in a book I had just bought called “Celtic Cornwall” (by Alan M.Kent). It looked very interesting – a great example of the Cornish embankment circle known as a Plain-an-Gwarry, or Playing Place – a theatre, essentially.

Perran Round [link] [map]

Saint Piran‘s Round – another purloined site – is located close to the village of Rosehill near Perranporth. It’s a popular area for campers and caravanners, so I expect that the site gets visited quite a lot in the summer. Here, in the depths of winter, I had the place to myself.

Perran's Round, Cornwall - Winter Solstice 2013 (1)

Instead of walking into the earthwork, I dowsed for a way in which would be appropriate for me. I was taken clockwise around the outer edge of the structure, through an overgrown ditch to the back entrance. Was this the way in for me? No – actually the walk continued through the ditch around the perimeter until I reached the main entrance again, and then I was led into the centre of the structure.

I stood at the rear entrance to take a photograph. Looking towards the front entrance I realised that I had timed the visit well. The sun was shining directly along the path which bisected the round enclosure. The few minutes that it shone to show me this phenomenon were the last I would see of the sun that day. Soon after I left the site, clouds began to engulf the direct light source.

Perran's Round, Cornwall - Winter Solstice 2013 (4)

Tuning Into The Round

I was amused by the idea that the space had been sued as a sort fo amphitheatre. A channel has been dug across the main ground space ending in a hole large enough to conceal a man. The theory was that it was used so that actors could make surprise appearances during plays.

To work! As I was in a space suited to sound and amplification I decided to do a chakra balancing using the vowel sounds that I have come to associated with each chakra. The throat noises resonated around the circle as I moved between power centres in the arena to balance five points in my energy field.

Next I turned my attention to any spirit forms that might be inhabiting the place. I asked the rods if there was a Spirit of Place, and was taken to a place near to the centre. A line of bright red-capped mushrooms radiated out from the spot.

Perran's Round, Cornwall - Winter Solstice 2013 (5)

The Mushroom Man

I relaxed into the place, sending out my aura to stretch over the breadth of the enclosure. Then I concentrated on calling for the spirit of the place – would anything answer? A few moments later I felt a presence – a being as small as the red mushrooms nearby. I stated my name and purpose, then asked if the spirit had a name. The response I got was “Trewynal“. Good grief – does EVERYTHING in Cornwall have the be prefixed by “tre“?

I asked about the energies of the site and whether the site was simply a theatre. I got short shrift – it certainly was NOT just a theatre, came the response from the presiding spirit! I was told to turn around to face the sun, and to move backwards towards the rear entrance point where I would be shown the way the energies worked in this sacred site. It would seem a point was going to be proved! I did as instructed, and turned to face the front entrance. The sun streamed in through that gap and the place lit up as though under floodlights.

Perran's Round, Cornwall - Winter Solstice 2013 (3)

Using my ability to see subtle energies I could see the sun and moon energies coming down then in through the front entrance. Here they were dispersed into male and female spirals. The male spiral flowed clockwise around the circular embankment, and the female moved anticlockwise. They flowed around the edges spiralling in to the centre where I stood. The two contrary spirals created met close to where I had been standing in the centre, on the path, where they created a unified cone of power (spirals going in both directions into the sky).

I wondered what this energy construction that I was being shown could be for? Almost as son as I asked the answer was being delivered – it gave energetic protection from ‘airborne attacks’. It created a dome-like umbrella of protective energy. I was being shown a scene of a shaman-like figure, possibly a druid, who was bolstering the protective dome as a way to create a sanctuary space where people around him would be safe from psychic attack. Why this was necessary, or who might be attacking I wasn’t shown.

The Cornish Sons

As I left I read the information board. It was packed with good stuff, including plans, photos and titbits of trivia. I particularly enjoyed seeing two pictures of the modern revival of druidry with the Cornish Gorseth. One pictured clearly showed Ross Nichols – founder of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids – heading a procession in the 1970s. And we wonder why the revival was slow to build….!

Perran's Round, Cornwall - Winter Solstice 2013 (2)

It was a very enjoyable visit and a lovely experience. I almost wanted to gather people there myself. Maybe put on a play, or a poetry reading, or a comedy sketch about men in groups wearing out-sized ladies garments and funny hats? Sons of the Desert?

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