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Cornwall Winter 9 – Star Alignments of Lesquite Quoit

January 28, 2014

This is the penultimate Cornish post for this Winter. Well done if you’ve made it through them so far. Has it made you want to go to Cornwall this summer? Has it become like a series of Tourist Board adverts? I have some new findings to discuss in this post. I would find out more about the types of subtle energy at sacred sites, and then find an interesting link with the stars.

The Tilted Quoit

My visit was to Lesquite Quoit (also known as Lanivet Quoit or Trebyan Quoit), a dolmen near to the village of Sweetshouse in Cornwall. It can be reached by venturing down some tiny roads westward off the B3268 south from Lanhydrock House. Head towards Lanlivet until you reach an electricity sub-station, where you can park off the road (however, it does attract the attention of the local farmer, who I am sure would have quizzed me had I not been leaving when he drove past).

It appears to be in a state of disrepair. The capstone seems to have slipped. Maybe a supporting stone got removed?

Lesquite Quoit - Cornwall (2)

I dowsed the site thoroughly despite the cold. I was curious to find that there was male energy when I asked to find some. At this time of the year the male energy was usually not in existence. This paradox made me think deeper – was I actually asking for the right “kind” of male energy? Maybe I needed to differentiate between earth energy and celestial energy? I began to dowse again with that differentiating factor built into the questioning.

  1. Was there male EARTH energy at this site? NO.
  2. Was there male CELESTIAL energy at this site? YES.
  3. What is the source of the celestial energy? SUN and STARS for the male energy, MOON for the female.

So, it seemed that there were four possible energy forms at the dolmen. Now I knew that I needed to dowse for all four possible types of energy form – EARTH MALE, EARTH FEMALE, CELESTIAL MALE and CELESTIAL FEMALE. What would I find?

I traced the energies around the stones, picking up four separate flavours. The site was roughly split into two parts, energetically-speaking. There was a side where the male energy formed around one stone, and then another half where the female energy formed around the capstone and a third stone.

I decided to introduce another wonderful aspect of dowsing – to dowse as though it was a different time! In other words, you can dowse for events in the past or the future (trickier in the future – results are less reliable). Despite the absence of the Male Earth energy I dowsed what the pattern would be was it had been in the last summer. I know, it could have changed from day to day and it could have been unstable, so the question wasn’t very specific, yet I was able to get an answer nonetheless.

Excuse the crude drawing, but it was done on a iPhone sketch app in freezing cold weather. Speed overrode precision! The larger black oval is the main capstone. The top-most black oval is the remaining supporting stone. The almost-circular blue squiggle between the lower two black ovals is supposed to represent a power centre.

The key for the abbreviations is: MS (Male Sun energy) | ME (Male Earth energy) | FE (Female Earth energy) | FM (Female moon energy).

Lesquite Quoit energy map

The female forms take their usual “local” spiral shapes, not venturing far from their originating point which is marked by the smallest stone in the structure. Note that they emerge from a flat face of the stone – another typical trait of the female energy flow.

The male forms take on completely different shapes. The Male Earth energy emerges from a power centre beneath one end of the capstone and forms a protective circle around the remaining supporting stone. That supporting stone is also the origin point for the Male Sun energy, which emerges from the “sharp end” of the stone – another common trait of the male energy flows.

All well and good, but there was something more interesting to discover from this site, which would alter the way I perceive celestial alignments for sacred sites.

Star Alignments

My next learning opportunity came from the same site. I asked whether there was a spirit of place related to the site, and found that there wasn’t. So, no opportunity to learn from that source. Then I remembered that I had said to myself that I would look at the star alignments of sites, after my Dinas Bran experience. There I had learned that:

“Sites were created with some elements – say one stone – that was aligned with, tuned to, and pointing at a specific constellation.”

So, I began to dowse to find out whether this site was astrally-aligned, and if so, which part of it was aligned. I got a positive response form the dowsing rods to the alignment, and when I asked to be shown the part which was aligned I was taken to the capstone, and the rods tried to point up the axis along which the capstone lay. So, the slant of the capstone itself was the alignment?

What about WHEN the alignment occurred? It would be highly improbable tha I had chosen the exact day and time when the alignment was occurring, so I dowsed for a date and time. I got the 14th of July at 6:11am. Believe me – getting that kind of precision on a cold day was quite a work of patience! I used my StarWalk app to dial in that date and time when pointed the phone alone the axis of the fallen capstone. It revealed the following alignment:

Lesquite Quoit star alignments

Lesquite Quoit is aligned with the constellation of Libra currently. Yet, originally this could not have been the case, because the capstone had clearly fallen since its original construction, so… had it re-aligned itself? Indeed it had! Dowsing confirmed it for me. The site’s alignment, the set of stars from which it drew some energy, was now a different set to the original alignment.

The implications of this finding are consequential for subtle energy workers. Archaeologist and Archeo-Astrologers may designate sites as being aligned to particular celestial bodies based on the positioning of certain stones, but if those stones have been removed or have changed position then the stellar alignments also seem to change. The Libra constellation was NOT the original alignment of this site. It had become that through some process that I have yet to define. The site’s subtle energy configuration changes as the position of its key stones change. This seems sort of obvious to say this, but now I had demonstrated to myself that this was actually the case. Therefore, the uses to which the site can be put, the ways in which the energy can be used, the ‘flavour’ of the energy at a site, if you will, changes with the astral objects that it is ‘aligned’ to. I say ‘aligned’ but maybe ‘sympathetic’ is also a pertinent word here. I mean sympathetic in the sense of the concept of sympathetic magic.

Some more research needs to be done on the ways in which sites get linked to stars. At Dinas Bran I had found that the original megalith builders (or at least the shamanic energy worker associated with the site) had been been involved in the original alignment for the purposes of energy working (whether that be fertilisation, healing, remote viewing, crossing the hedge, dream working, initiation or any other magickal working). The exact process of doing this is unclear and how that changes through re-alignment is still an unknown. More fun stuff to find out this year!

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