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Winter Solstice 2013 at the Holy Well

January 2, 2014

The weather here in the middle-kingdom has been unseasonably kind. Thus it was a fine, bright and crisp morning when we set of for the first of three visits on this Winter Solstice of 2013. Our major visit was going to be Dinas Bran. But I had added an embracing Holywell and Vale Crucis, at the beginning and end respectively.

We arrived, parked up and inside within minutes. It is a place we had visited on a couple of occasions but prior to today we had always had much company at the well. After all it is famed throughout the land as a place of healing. Check out the wiki page on the holy well here.

Holy Well
Holy Well

There are two pools that one can bathe in, the picture shows the inner pool. It was way too cold to do that, so off to the side there is a water tap which is fed from the well. Not one to miss out on the blessings of St Winifride (that’s her with the staff) we both took some in a bottle and of course used some in self blessings. Every little helps and by the amount of wooden crutches that have been left by the healed, it wasn’t a little.

Dowsing at the Well

Of course, dowsing being our trade, we did some. I dowsed for the place where the most powerful healing could be found. My expectation was that it would be the pool, but surprisingly it wasn’t. It was the tap! This is definitely another punch to those who believe that dowsing just gives you an answer you expect. There were three potential places that could have been chosen. The two large water pools for bathing and the tap. I would have opted for the inner or the outer pool, with a preference for the inner. But as I said, the rods took me to the tap.

A couple of other things worth noting was that one of the answers that Gwas got was to the question of, “how much of a part does intention play on the healing?” The answer was another surprise, Seventy percent! I would have thought it would have played an important part. But not that high.

As we went into the main chamber (pictured above) to light candles and incense in gratitude and thanks. We noticed that there was a bubbling in the water. For a few minutes we speculated that it might be the water bubbling up from the well. But that didn’t seem to fit until Gwas recalled the works of Viktor Schauberger and how he believed (as do we) in the empowerment of water by movement. Of course we dowsed as to whether this bubbling was having a beneficial effect, it was.

Done with the well, we were off to meet an important Genius Loci, Dinas Bran.

Kal Malik Healed


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