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Calming The Storm

February 7, 2014

I had become quite discontented and disturbed at the misery of the folks who had been inundated by sea and rain water in the beloved country of Cornwall. One lady in particular made me simultaneously laugh and cry when she said:

“I’m packing up what’s left of my stuff, and now I’m having to move out….It’s not my fault!”

That really made me think. “It’s not my fault”…It was a strange thing to say, but quite reflective of a “blame culture” which is infecting these islands. Yet, I understood what she meant at heart – why was this terrible tragedy happening to such an extent, to nice people, and to a lovely county? It was the British sense of “fairness” coming into play. It was all so unfair. I was prodded into action.

I had been to Cornwall recently – just before the storms started. Many of the places mentioned as being devastated were places that I had been to or through. Having had experience of weather control as a druid skill I wondered whether it would be right for me to try to intervene. Only the dowsing rods could answer this for me, in conjunction with my spirit guide Ash.

2014 – South-Western counties take a battering

Having recently changed my study room I no longer knew where my power centre was. Turns out it has moved from one side to the very centre of the room, which makes it easier to work now. I stood in the power centre and dowsed some questions about the storms:-

  1. Were the storms necessary to re-balance the climate in these lands? NO.
  2. Was an imbalance of water being created by the storms? YES.
  3. Was it appropriate for my to call for a cessation to the storms? YES.
  4. Did I have enough personal power? YES.
  5. Was it the right time of the full moon cycle to do this work? YES, it is First Quarter – the beginning of the power cycle.
  6. Would there be any negative impact on the land or its inhabitants if I called a halt to the storms? NO.
  7. Could I do this work even though I had released my elemental associates? YES – their powers are now a part of you.

I felt that with this series of questions I had the green light to at least give it a go! I asked how ling it would take to take effect if I did the work – the answer was three days. Today was Thursday 6th February. The storms would cease by Sunday 9th. That was my hope, my belief, my faith. With that news, that feeling, I knew I had to try something.

The Process of Calming a Storm

I wast to detail the process I went through: the sequence, the kinds of things I visualised, so that you can try this yourself. Here was the process I used:-

  1. Ground and centre, then call upon your spirit guide to assist with the work.
  2. Imagine a vortex of energy swelling upwards and outwards from your centre to form a huge shield around the main island and around Ireland – like a huge umbrella
  3. Face the correct cardinal direction and call upon the elements of the wind to sweep away the rain clouds, and to hold the in-coming storm fronts from America and the South-West
  4. Face the correct cardinal direction and call upon the elements of the sun to heat the earth and quickly dry the land. Ask them to create a high-pressure bubble over the land which would keep in-coming weather systems away.
  5. Face the correct cardinal direction and call upon the elements of the land to absorb the water deep into the bowels of the earth, to open up channels to drain water away quickly. Ask the soil to accept the warmth of the sun and retain in to keep the temperatures up.
  6. Face the correct cardinal direction and call upon the elements of the sea, specifically the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, to draw passing water down into themselves, rather than letting it pass overhead. To create a vortex in the deep ocean which will draw water down from the clouds, rather than feeding the clouds further.
  7. Give thanks to the elements and your guide.

I picked up my dowsing rods and asked if the work had begun. They indicated that it had. When would the changes begin? Immediately, but the culmination would on Sunday evening as the storm cycle is broken completely. Now, I just have to wait to see how helpful that work might be.

I realise how ridiculous I will look if next week Cornwall and Devon are hit by another storm cycle, but that’s the nature of magickal experimentation! It takes an element of faith.

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    1. Given the scale and persistence of this current weather pattern I am wondering if a co-ordinated Druid effort really could be the answer?

      A few years ago I was leading a 7 day workshop visiting various sacred sites in the UK and the weather had been awful for weeks. I was beginning to dread the thought of taking this group of women around for days in the cold and wet so I asked Spirit if I could do anything to help the weather change to dry and warm before the workshop was due to begin.

      My answer was to work at moving the path of the Jet Stream because this governs the position of the path of the weather systems across the UK.

      My guidance asked me to go into mediation and repeatedly imagine the jet stream shifting upwards on its path so that it was flowing above Scotland rather than further south. I researched the path of Jet Stream on the Internet and then imagined a map of the UK and that I could just move the line of path of this air flow by just pushing it upwards.

      I was working Archangel Michael because he governs the Powers of the Four Elements amongst other things.It was hard work on my own but it DID work. The first day of the workshop dawned clear and bright and it got better and better during the week, ending in a mini heatwave!

      So, if there was a co-ordinated time suggested then perhaps a group of us could try a similar thing and give everyone a wonderfully dry Spring?

      1. I’m willing to give it a try. I think your idea of shifting the Jetstream is a very clever notion, and gives a clear, precise image to work with.
        Next full moon is on Saturday 15th, and the moon will be appearing in the sign of Leo – the sun sign! Sounds like the best opportunity. Shall we co-ordinate for Noon on Saturday to do that?
        Of course, if anyone else wants to join in too, then that’s all grist to “Hamlet’s Mill”!

        1. Using those Full Moon energies with Leo’s creative authority on Saturday at Noon sounds a very good idea!

          I could also put the word via my Facebook etc. contacts?

          I have been aware that the plight of those who have been flooded for so long may have been needed to get the message across to the politicians in Westminster that taking resources from the Environment Agency etc. has not been a good plan in the long term.

          This communication from Mother Earth seems to have been heard now, underscored by the Thames flooding closer to their homes.

          And,maybe,this current environmental disaster might provoke Cameron to reconsider his ridiculous decision to support Fracking – here’s hoping on that one too!

          1. The more people engage with the ritual the stronger it will be, I’m sure.
            I think its unlikely that a politician such as Cameron is going to make any changes that would help the “inert” Earth at the expense of his corporate cronies. Party funding can’t be magicked out of thin air. 😉

          2. My guidance was to focus on pushing up the jet stream over north America where it was coming far too low and therefore bringing down the snowstorms there. This abnormally deep jet stream ‘wiggle’ was then making the path of the stream too far south of the UK and Europe = constant storms.
            My sense is that the haarp technology was developed from Reich’s orgone energy cloud busting research. The ‘dark hats’ got hold of it and punished/persecuted Reich – he was arrested for nothing and died in prison.
            The dark hats have been working for generations to get control of the planet through the financial systems, creating wars, poverty, droughts, bioengineering diseases such a bird flu and aids,montsanto, chemtrails, Fukushima etc. etc. etc.
            Most terrorist attacks are events which the dark hats organise and then blame on others.e.g. check out 9/11. there is now considerable evidence that it really was an inside job. They really are ****’s who just want it all for themselves and their cronies and, unchallenged, they will stop at nothing.
            Fracking is just another way to damage the water systems of mother earth for generations/ever? if we let them. So this is why it is so important to wake up and stand up and protest in my opinion.
            And yes, this is conspiracy theory stuff but, in my opinion, if we as the people don’t take it seriously we will never be able to wake up and re-empower ourselves.
            We re-empower ourselves by embracing our Divinity and our power to work creatively with the Beings of the Sacred Land- which is what you guys are doing! This way we will win what is essentially a spiritual war.
            I also know from direct experience that there is also a huge galactic presence ready to work with us, the ‘ground crew’, for the liberation of the planet. This time of liberation is close now but we cannot afford to be complacent either.
            I continue to hold the thought that the creative alliance between humanity, Mother earth and the galactics will win the day…and so it is!
            Blessing to you guys for ALL that you are doing in your beautiful work with the Sacred Land!

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