Emerald Dragons Soul what next?

February 5, 2014
Says it all really
Says it all really

Deep sigh, seriously, deep sigh. I have told in more detail in another post how the journey progressed. Here I just wanted to note the fruits of  those Herculean labours (okay, well, maybe not worthy of Hercules). Here are the Nine Questions…

  1. What is your name?
  2. Why are you here?”
  3. What is your purpose?
  4. Who have you known?
  5. What have you lost?
  6. What is in your heart?
  7. What is seeking you?
  8. What dream is haunting you?
  9. What have you learned?

What do they mean? Is the quest complete? What next? All of these questions are on my mind today, since tomorrow is our Solstice outing and a Genius Loci at Dinas Bran has promised to be, well, revealing. The only clue that I have is that the quest is far from over, having already been informed that this was about the year of the snake (which suggests a Imbolc ish time frame).

In fact I am updating this post to reflect what I learned on that (Winter Solstice 2013) outing. Since sadly it wasn’t much. All I garnered on that outing was that the book was to be given to a Dragon at Imbolc. That’s it. Simple!

Kal Malik awaiting Imbolc and a Dragon

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