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Imbolc 2014 – From Imbolc to Beltane

February 28, 2014

I needed to ensure that I had read as much as I could about Henbane. Countless encounters with spirits, guides and psychics had reaffirmed this, no mater how bewildered I was that I needed to research the properties of a well-known poison! For what purpose, I didn’t know. Nevertheless, I diligently sought out and read all the books I had on the subject. Or so I thought.

Henbane and I

I have been redecorating my study. It has taken my several weeks to get everything out – my extensive library and music collection particularly – and then to decorate, re-furnish, and replenish the study. Now it is finally in a fitting state. Now that I have new bookshelf space I was surprised to come across a book in a completely different part of the house which I felt should have been in my collection in the study. It was a book of healing herbs! I looked up Henbane. No, I had not read this entry, despite having read every other possible entry in other books. I read the information on the morning of Imbolc. The first line of the “uses” section made me jump: “Used in the treatment of asthma“.

Henbane – poison and cure

I have been struggling with asthma for almost thirty years. I have almost overcome it through a combination of steroid inhalers, vigorous aerobic exercise, and recently with the help of a friend who is working for Forever Living. He has put me on a treatment program which has added a little boost to my own efforts. Nevertheless, I have always been seeking the one final natural cure. Here was a possibility. I was being guided to it. Henbane.

I realised what I needed to do – this year I needed to gather Henbane, then prepare an essence of the plant. I would create my own homeopathic remedy for my asthma! I was excited. This was uncharted territory, and if there’s one thing I knew about Henbane, it was that it was deadly poisonous! Extreme caution must ne taken. But wow – the possibility!

This is to come in the second half of this year. For now, let’s leave this subject and go back to my other topic – what will I be doing from Imbolc until Beltane?

Guidance from Imbolc to Beltane

I was going to ask for some guidance about the next part of the year – Imbolc to Beltane. What did I need to do during that time? It had become a tradition to ask for guidance at the conclusion of the previous part of the year. Whilst I was inside the mound of Bryn Celli Ddu I tried to ask the question there. I couldn’t get a clear picture. It was something to do with my yew staff, but I was told to go to my “proper” teacher for such subjects – The Llangernyw Yew tree. Of course – a yew tree to tell me about a yew staff! We set off for one final visit for today.

Ancient Yew
Ancient Yew

We parked and Kal went off to get refreshments, leaving me alone to go straight to my purpose. I slipped quietly underneath the tree as the twilight descended veiling my incursion. I rapidly re-introduced myself. We bonded quickly, and I barely needed to do anything before a conversation began:

Q. What is my quest between Imbolc and Beltane?

A. To get to know the powers of your yew staff. You must work together to bring these powers out.

Q. How can I do this?

A. By getting to know the properties of yew. Understand the yew, and you will understand the possibilities of its powers.

Q. I already have some information about yew trees – is that enough to work with?

A. Ha ha – no. You need to understand yew until it understands you, and you can work as one.

Kal arrived, and I felt I had enough to work with. Imbolc was over. The daylight ceded to amber street light. I thanked the yew tree for its guidance, and as the sunlight turned completely to darkness we made our way back home along roads that we knew well, having been there only a week or so before.

Imbolc’s experiences were all about familiarity, but everything was now at a different level. This year was going to be challenging, but rewarding!

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