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Imbolc 2014 part 2 of 5: A gathering at Dinas Emrys

February 12, 2014


Heart Waterfall
Heart Waterfall

Cleansing at the Waterfall

Gwas had to say farewell to a Water elemental and what better place than Pystol Rhaedr? We arrived early in the morning, cool, crisp and fresh. I was expecting a hike up to the top of the waterfall but the rods informed Gwas that this was not necessary. Brilliant. Not the best of weather for such a climb and we had two other big climbs on the agenda next. So as Gwas was performing his ritual, I followed the rods to a suitable place where I could cleanse and look at the Heart I captured in this image.

We left the waterfall in high spirits and drove on to a beacon hill that Gwas had identified as a place where he could leave the Fire elemental. However as we were driving my intuition knocked…”go to Dinas Emrys” it said.

I suggested this to Gwas and he was initially reluctant. Then I spotted a sign, we were driving fast so I only caught the last word on it, it said “Emrys”. This persuaded both Gwas and I that that was the place to go. So we settled in for a slightly longer drive.

As we got closer to the site, the weather grew steadily worse. Until some five minutes away from Dinas Emrys the rain slowed and stopped. Gwas was shocked at the sudden cessation. I was not. “It’s all about trust” I said to him. He recommended that I take extra kit with me, but I said no. I had to trust.

Dinas Emrys

The few drops of rain that were still falling stopped as we began our ascent. There is plenty of Quartz crystals lying around in this area and I collected a few choice peices as we climbed, thinking to use them in an offering. As we got higher the path became more slippery. As I navigated, I felt the gentle tug of intuition. I was being guided…

Dinas Emrys View
Dinas Emrys View

“To the left,” a voice said, I ignored it because the left was nearer the cliff edge. But as I walked towards the right I slipped a few times and decided to go for the guided option instead. Although visibly scarier, it was safe under foot. Finally we reached the top and Gwas wandered away to do his fire ceremony, whilst I asked whether there was anything for me to do at this sacred site. Oh yes! Came the reply. So I dowsed for a spot and found it at the far edge of the site. Another big drop, terrific! “I am supposed to have vertigo“, I mentally said to the Universe.

I lit an incense stick with great difficulty and prepared to still my thoughts in commune when I got a nudge…”You need something else” I asked the rods to direct me to what I needed and they took me to a huge quartz crystal. It was the size of the largest bowling ball. I picked it up and took it back to the edge of the site and again prepared to commune.

quartzIt was cold, but not uncomfortable. The rain had completely stopped and I was feeling blessed. I love it when the weather aligns with me. A few minutes into the commune I felt forces gather. Caileach was there, of course. She was the one who had guided me up the path. Then and I am quite surprised by the presence of Dinas Bran. Then Ancient Yew made an appearance and finally even Oak (from 9 stones close) turned up. What was that all about?

I had never experienced all three being in one place. Perhaps they were here because of the Soul Book completion? I didn’t get any indication other than the gathering would be with me at the end. As I finished the commune I was elated to see the Sun break the impossible grey clouds. I shouted out loud so that Gwas (where ever he was) would know.

I thanked the genius loci and made my way down. As I did my pocket jangled with crystals, I had forgotten to lay them in offering. Caileach, however, had another suggestion, “Collect more, you will need them at the Druids Circle” Oh, I thought, for an offering there? “No,” She replied, “For protection”

Oh crap!

Thus with the gathering in tow, we left for the Druids Circle and a foreordained meeting with an Ice Dragon.

Kal Malik

ps: It is encouraging to note that Dinas Emrys is of both Merlin and Dragon myth.

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