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Imbolc 2014 part 4 of 5 Name of an Ice Dragon

February 16, 2014


The entrance to Bryn Celli Ddu chamber
The entrance to Bryn Celli Ddu chamber

I was freezing, would I ever be warm again? We had one more place left on our four points list. Brin Celli Ddu. Frankly, it was formality for me. I had been battered, bruised, frozen and puzzled at the Druids Circle. My only thoughts were of a hot long bath. We arrived at the site in good time and made our way along the easy, yet long, path. Without much ceremony we entered the hill and Gwas began his final letting go.

In my haste and trying to avoid the elemental storm I had forgotten to do a gratitude ceremony at the Druids Circle. So I asked the rods whether here was a suitable place to do that? They concurred and so I withdrew several bedraggled incense sticks and hoped they would lite. They did. Mustering a feeling of gratitude (it was hard) I placed them according to the rods in that sacred place.

Gwas was busy so, I just drifted. Minutes later, Gwas spoke of his feelings of loss at letting go of his elemental companions. I reflected on my own experience. I had held (within my chest) and quested for the Dragons Soul for a year and now I had gifted it to a Ice Dragon. but I didn’t feel any loss for it.

My intuition nudged me, “it’s because the Dragon is with you” What did that mean? I had said it to Gwas as we had left the storm at the Druids Circle. I had no idea what it meant. I didn’t feel the presence of the dragon.

Gwas concluded his work and came up with an announcement. “We need to see a Yew tree?” After a little debate as to which Yew tree. We (of course) decided on Ancient Yew at Llangernyw. So it was off visit our Ancient old friend.


Ancient Yew
Ancient Yew

Name of a Dragon

As we arrived (in the rain) I wondered what I could ask? Odd isn’t it? How my mind always goes to learning when we visit Ancient Yew. Of course I wanted to offer some gratitude for it being there with me at the Druids Circle. As we entered its magnificent home, I was also reminded how Ancient Yew had been present when I had gained the Dragons Soul in Ireland. There at the beginning and end, how fitting.

I stood, with rain dripping down my face, under the eaves of the tree and wished it thankful thoughts. Then I let my mind drift to the dragon. Did it have a name? I wondered and then asked the Yew whether that was the next step for me? No, it replied. Leave its name alone. “Bit touchy”, I thought but left it at that. I was dog tired.

Kal Malik

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