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Imbolc 2014 part 5 of 5 Betrayal!

February 18, 2014

Wizards Wood

I awoke at 2am the morning after our Imbolc visit. I had had a dream about betrayal! Of course I had to check out whether the dream had any baring. So I spent a couple of hours writing up the tales of Imbolc and then slept way into Sunday.

Waking up with a surprising amount of eagerness and yet still really tired, I opted for the nearest place of questioning to where I lived. Alderley Edge – the Wizards Wood. It’s funny because only yesterday (Imbolc) I had mentioned to Gwas that we would have go to the wood before long and here I was, going the very next day. The irony is not lost on me dear Universe.

My rods clinked together as they arrived at a place that I could ask questions. It was a place that I was familiar, back a few years ago I had come to the exact place to listen to the Earth. I began with an important question and one (as you will see) had been forgotten, with drastic consequences.

“Can I ask questions about my Imbolc experiences?”

The answer was Yes and so I drew on the contents of my dream to formulate some questions. But before I go into those I will speak of that dream but before even that I will bring to the fore a point that got missed during the Ice and Fire experience at the Druids Circle…

As you may know, a couple of years ago and indeed last year, I have had Energy Double experiences at the Druids Circle. Thus in the midst of struggling through the ferocious elements yesterday I had tried to call upon my Energy Double. I truly believe that our energetic counterpart is capable of vast enterprises should we figure out how to employ it. However the song of the energy double was something that eluded me and so (at that time) I believed that was why my double did not make an appearance.

The Tarot

I had awoken with a start. The dream was still clear in my mind and it shocked me. Yesterday morning, before I had set off, I had pulled 3 cards from my Waite Tarot deck. I drew..,

  • Strength – Reversed
  • 3 of Cups
  • 10 of Swords

Of these, the last one puzzled me the most. For me the ten often represents betrayal. Gwas had suggested that perhaps an entity (one of the guides that we interact with) would betray me. It was an interesting proposition and one that had not occurred to me. I had pondered the question of who in my life held the sway of betrayal. I had found none. As we ventured through the day, there was for a moment, the notion that Caileach, that wily goddess, would be the culprit. But her actions seemed innocent enough.

At the long days end I had let the issue go, thinking that perhaps, in some small way, the lack of help from the gathering at the Druids Circle was what the card meant. I was wrong. Completely wrong.

Energy Double

The first note that I had made from the dream was that whilst I was climbing the heights of the Druids Circle, my call to my energy double had been blocked, not by my lack of focus, but by an external source! Thus arriving at a place suitable for questions I asked…

  • Was my call to my energy double yesterday blocked? Yes!
  • Can I ask who had done that blocking? Yes
  • Was it one of the gathering? Yes

I could not believe it was the Genius Loci from Dinas Bran, nor Oak and definitely not Yew. But Caileach, oh yes, I could point the proverbial finger at her. So I began (and ended with her)

  • Was it Caileach? Yes!

Bitch! Was the first thought that entered my head. I asked another pertinent question…

  • Would my energy double been able to help me yesterday? Yes

It was such a strong yes that I felt that there was more to explore.

  • If I could have got a call to my energy double, would it have come? No

That was a surprise. Why then did it matter whether Caileach blocked me or not? A thought, a nasty one, occurred to me.

  • Did Caileach block my energy double too? Yes

Wow! She can do that? As I said above, I have placed prodigious acts in the hands of our counterpart. The fact the Caileach could stop it was elevating her to a status that she had been previously only named as, a goddess.

Not only had Caileach blocked me, but also stopped it coming of its own accord. One word screamed in my head,

  • Betrayal!

But I wasn’t done. For the dream had revealed a more profound revelation.

Kal Malik – feeling betrayed

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