Imbolc 2014 part 6 of 5: Ten of Swords

February 20, 2014

ten_swordsAs you can see from the title. The Imbolc experience has escaped beyond its bounds. In fact I will let you in on a secret. At the conclusion of the Fire and Ice experience at the Druids Circle, Gwas had asked me what I would be posting. My response was probably two posts. One for the lead-up and the second for the Fire and Ice experience. So the fact that we are on part 6 shows that something is seriously gone awry.

Every Tarot reader reads the cards differently. Once you get beyond what the book(s) say and start trusting your intuition then the cards create a life of their own.

Let’s have a look at the Ten of Swords and how I read it in in this particular reading. Again, in other circumstances there might be a completely different interpretation and indeed by other readers it maybe as well. This is just my personal view, at this particular time, for this particular day.

Ten of Sword

You have to admit, not the best looking of cards is it? How many swords does it need to keep a guy down? Ten apparently. The ten of swords is excessive. It’s not like your beaten down, but rather you are beaten to the ground and then given a good kicking. Here are some keywords that I associate with this card:

  • betrayal
  • back stabbing
  • excessive punishment
  • defeat (sudden and unexpected)
  • loss and or endings

Oddly though it is card that is tinged with hope, with the notion that something brighter is beyond the current issue. I am a very picture reader when it comes to Tarot cards. So, in the ten, do you see the pale yellow in the background? That to me represents that the sun is about to rise. It is a sign of hope, a silver lining within a painful time. Here are some quotes that resonate with my meaning…(Quotes are from BiddyTarot)

“unexpected failure or disaster, whereby a power beyond your control crushes you without warning or mercy”

“indicates a difficult experience of endings, loss, pain or release”

 “evidence of an impending change or ending which may initially be difficult to accept”

All of which have proved to be very relevant to my Imbolc experience. But you will learn more of that in my next post, which continues with the deeper level of betrayal!

Kal Malik

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