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Imbolc 2014 part 8 of 5: Predictions

February 24, 2014
Imbolc 2014 Tarot
Imbolc 2014 Tarot

I have to laugh! Really, even with all that has happened in the last 48 hours. At the end of each year, Gwas and I sit down to an evening meal and ask…

“How can next year be better than this?”

And then next year arrives and it explodes into new and deeper adventures. It is two days from Imbolc and the adventure that was had is explained in other posts, but in this I want to focus on some of the predictions that were made. There was a Tarot reading and a Dowsing.

I had dowsed that I would encounter an ice-dragon. I had drawn 3 Tarot cards in this order… Strength (reversed). Three of Cups and the Ten of Swords. Remember, it is not so much the dragon part that was predicted, that was expected. It was that it would be an ice dragon. So let’s go into it.


In every way the adventure atop the Druids Circle can be described as ice. We were pelted, not with rain, not with hailstones, but with flecks of ice. It was definitely one that came true.

Strength (reversed)

As I drove to meeting Gwas, I was slightly concerned. We had three major climbs ahead of us…

  • The top of a waterfall
  • The top of Dinas Bran
  • The top of Penmaemar (Druids Circle)

I have to confess, my fitness standard was not up to all three of these, I wondered if my strength would last to the Druids Circle, which was where my major encounter was to be. As it happened, because our plans are fluid and dependant on intuition, we didn’t have to go to the top of the waterfall, and we were directed to Dinas Emrys instead of Dinas Bran, which is an easier climb. So instead of seeing this card as being me lacking in strength, we could see it as the journey not needing strength. An important lateral view as you will see.

Three of Cups

Three ladies celebrating means just that, a celebration. When I was atop Dinas Emrys and considered the beings that had gathered

  • Caileach,
  • Bran,
  • Ancient Yew
  • Oak (Nine Stones Close)

I had thought that, if only it had been three, then it would have fit into the Tarot reading. But then (as you know) Caileach had differentiated herself by betraying me at the Druids Circle, thus leaving three celebrants. Success on that point too.

Ten of Swords

The events at the Druids Circle and revelations since have without a doubt confirmed every sword that is in the guys back and I mean every! Betrayal, misdirection, confusion, lies (almost), and a feeling of loss, leave this prediction completely fulfilled.


Yes! Four for four!

Kal Malik

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