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Quest for an Emerald Dragons Soul Revealed

February 6, 2014

Emerald Dragons Soul Book Revealed!

Have you missed my end of the year summary for 2013? So have I. Sorry. Instead, I’ll give you a post that encompasses the mega quest that I was on across the boundaries of 2013. The question of where it began is always a bit chicken ane egg. So I’ll go for where I felt it started.


It was our 2012 visit to Ireland that began it all (I felt). Odd really, because we had gone to Ireland following Gwas’s ancestoral trail. But it ended up being just as significant for me too. Think about it, an Emerald Dragons Soul book? What the heck was that all about? What did it mean? At that time I didn’t know that it would take me both East and West!

Over the next couple of months I learned that having the book meant…not a lot…because it was locked. Fair enough right? Not so much, because to open the book I was guided to go to visit the Oracle of Delphi in Greece! Seriously! but before that I needed to aquire the Knights Mantle whatever that was!


It was early (Feb) 2013 and we were off to Delphi. For the day! I know what you’re thinking right, insane! When on quests such as we are. You have to do what you have to do. But the rewards, oh man, the rewards! Delphi provided its worth and then some! Here are some Delphian high-lights…

I had opened (or rather unlocked) the book. Within were Nine Questions. What were they? No idea. That was then the next part of this quest. To seek out these questions. Let the merry-go-round begin…


What is your name?

Was the first question that I uncovered at a fabulous sunset at the Druids Circle.

Why are you here?

The next question was revealed at Beltane 2013 when we were visiting the humble Hermits Cave.

What is your purpose?

Bryn Celli Ddu and the small mound was the place of revelation for another of the questions.

Who have you known?

A sad visit to Nine Stones Close revealed a profound question.

What have you lost?

It was a visit across the Atlantic to the West Coast of America and a beautiful Medicine Wheel that gave rise to the next question.

What is in your heart?

What a curious question that was revealed in the deep south of the UK at the Merry Maidens.

What is seeking you?

A rather worrying question was revealed at Avebury whilst sitting in one of the huge megaliths.

What dream is haunting you?

A moonlit night at the Nine Ladies revealed a question that is haunting me still.

What have you learned?

I am still wondering, to what this is pertaining. This question was revealed at a book shop in Buxton oddly enough!

Count them up. Yep! Nine questions. What next? At the time of writing I am awaiting the answer to that myself as we approach Imbolc and the Year of the Horse!

Kal Malik – and the Dragons Soul Book

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  1. Hi Kal,
    Maybe my ‘two bits worth’ might shed some light on your Quest?

    I have been working deeply with the Dragon Energies in the Glastonbury/Avalon sacred landscape for many years and this has included insights into the symbolism of Arthurian Grail traditions.

    The three by three grid; Three is the number of the 3 realms of creativity of creativity of the Goddess Bridget which are traditionally, Smith-craft = sword of Truth making, Healing = herbal knowledge and Poetry= being inspired/getting Messages from the spiritual realms of the Bards.

    In the human body these three realms correspond to the Belly/Hara, the Heart and the Head and in the Chinese Mystery teachings, the 3 ‘Elixir Fields’.

    When you take on the Mantle of the Knight you begin to gain knowledge about these 3 Realms of the Goddess = the 3 realms of your creative expression, from your personal life experiences. (Not long after I moved to Glastonbury I was given the Mantle of Flowers/The Maid when the woman who had been carrying this passed over into the realm of Spirit.And, at the time, I hadn’t a clue what it was all about of course -lol!)

    The Green Dragon especially has been showing himself a lot here recently, waking up I guess from his long slumbers. I would also suspect that this awakening is connected with the Green Knight/Green Man symbolism of the Grail traditions.This is the processes of revealing the Mysteries of the Four Elements of Nature to the Knight who is Questing = seeking the truth of Life through his personal experiences.

    Your personal answers to those Nine Quest-I-Ons, if answered honestly = without fear, will then shed further light on your Self = Soul knowledge and the Mysteries of the Goddess.

    This relates to the symbolism of Arthur taking Excalibur, the Sword of Truth = Air Element = his Intellect from the Stone = Earth Element = the physicality of your Body and of Nature around you.This is 4 Elements of Nature in action through the Mirror of Life = learning through your life experiences = The Knight’s Quest.

    Hoping this makes some sort of sense!

    All the Best

    1. Wow! Thanks for such an indepth response. The conclusion, such as it is, is coming to fruition. I wonder what your thoughts will be to that.

      Thank you for your comment. Please stay tuned as we see the Tarot reading come true!


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