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Winter Solstice 2013 Dinas Bran and Caileach Explains

February 2, 2014

It is often (did I say often, I meant impossible) to make the connection between and Energetic Cause and a Mundane Effect. We have just been trained to ignore it. Fortunately, I have on occasion the company of a being who finds no difficulty in navigating cause and effect across energetic boundaries.

My visit to Dinas Bran was far from complete. This was indeed one of the longest communes that I’ve had in a while. Caileach, in her own magnificent way had descended upon me and was en-lightening me.

“So,” she said, in a rare conversational tone, “How has this Winter treated you?”

You have to be weary with her, she has meanings within meanings. I was about to ask, “What do you mean?” When I felt guided towards the fact that this Winter has been the busiest for speaking gigs, talks and workshops. In fact it has been very noticeable. A thought occurred to me, “You?” I asked, meaning, was you responsible for that?

“No,” She said, “Not directly”

What is that supposed to mean? And again my thoughts were directed to the opposite end of the year, the Summer Solstice and when Gwas and I were visiting some sacred sites in Cornwall. At that time Caileach had guided me to collect (within me) some of the Summer Solstice energy. Which I had done, quite successfully I might add. On occasion since that time, I had let slip some of that energy so as to bring out the Sun (yes, of course it was coincidence sic.).

Over the years, people have attributed all kinds of gifts to me. Which of course is nice, but I have only ever attributed one gift to myself. That of making connections. So my mind instantly connected the abundance of the Winter with the Summer Solstice energy that I had within me. Of course! Now I remembered. At that time Caileach had said “…for use in the Winter.” I might be good at connections, memory not so much! What a revelation.

As I sat within the comfort of the Seat of the Energetic Double I marvelled at this penny dropping. I could sense the amusement in Caileach. Pondering this for many minutes. I was brought to attention again when Caileach rose…

See you in the next post,

Kal Malik

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