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Alderley and the Elemental Cleansing

March 17, 2014

With the Spring Equinox looming Kal and I were chomping at the bit to get out and do some work. Spring had already seemed to have sprung, and we were like two young rabbits eager to play in the springtime sunshine.

I had recently been asking my dowsing rods about which activities I could get up to before the Equinox, and the answers I got back were that I could interact with my Spirit Guide. That was incentive enough. When Kal suggested an outing at Alderley Edge it was time to get to work this year. As I happened, there are three parts to this story, and my work with my guide is the last of them. The next post describes some information about Rowan trees, and this post concentrates on a “bonus” bit of energy work which we never expected, but which we were delighted to learn was the same for both of us. I’m calling it “Elemental Cleansing“.

Alderley Edge in early Spring after a stormy Winter. The trees are still denuded, but it was a nice sunny atmosphere in the forest. Sadly, there was also lots of evidence of damaged trees from the winter storms. Such a shame, but a natural part of the winter regeneration process, yet to see such an extent to the damage was quite shocking.

Storm-damaged trees in Alderley Edge 2014
Storm-damaged trees in Alderley Edge 2014

Kal and I asked the same question which was to be shown a place at which we could work. Kal’s agenda was that he wanted to ask some questions about his Energy Double. My intention was to have a meditation with my spirit guide. Yet we both got taken on the same path through the forest, often following exactly the same energy trail down the exact amplitude of the wave. Once in a while Kal would disappear to be taken around a tree. That was quite amusing, as every now and again I’d hear him say “Here I go again!” as he wandered out, round and back to join with my path again.

Soon we arrived at a familiar location – one of the many quarried pits in the forest. It was a deep ravine and we were taken along its edge (literally the very edge) until a suitable path was found and we were taken to our first location.

The Elemental Cleansing Routine

We stopped ten feet apart just inside the quarried area. We were both standing on an earthen path sloping steeply into the ravine. I relaxed and stood still, letting my thoughts go quiet and my feelings extend outwards with my awareness. Some of that awareness was directed inwards so that I could feel what my body was telling me about this location.

  • I felt a strong downward vortex pulling the accumulated energy of some outer shell, and sucking it from me into the earth. I was being ‘cleaned’. In my mind I smelt, heard, felt EARTH.

Minutes later the feeling eased and I came back to normal consciousness. Kal confirmed that he had also had a similar feeling. We didn’t have far to walk to the next site. It was at the opposite side fo the ravine, but we were taken there along a path which skirted the very edges, as though seeking a sensible way down. At the far end a path was identified and the rods guided us down to a part of the ravine in which we had never been before. Interesting – what next? I stood some twenty feet away from Kal in the very corner of an angled cut rock face, like some kind of naughty school child. All I needed was a dunce’s cap!

  • I placed my hands on some water running down rocks in a quarried out section. When I connected it felt like my aura was evaporating the outer layers away in the late evening sun. This was the power of WATER.

I was beginning to see the connection now. The first site had felt earthy, and now this one felt watery (even though there’s barely any water in the forest at this time of year). What would be next, I wondered?

Spirit of fire at Alderley Edge
Spirit of fire at Alderley Edge

Only a few steps away from the previous position the rods had us climbing back up onto the top of the quarried ravine to sit in the last rays of the setting sun. As it glinted through the branches of the trees I understood that this particular spot was for.

  • When connected my aura felt like it was burning away in a pale blue/purple flame whose cinders were my redundant worldly energy. All of Winter’s built-up protective shell was being incinerated. This was the cleansing of the FIRE.

Well, it didn’t take a genius to work out which one was going to be next, yet in the breathless still air I did wonder where on earth I could possibly be taken in order to feel whatever wind there might be this evening? I should never doubt the rods! As soon as I asked for “the next place I needed to go” they were taking the pair of us out of the ravine and down towards the main paths through the forest. As we crossed the biggest path I felt the fresh breath of the wind on my face. The rods swiveled to take me along the edge of the Edge, and soon I was perched on a fallen log, facing the cliff edge and feeling the rising wind on my face!

  • As I surrendered to the elements the wind blew loose particles from my aura and lifted them away, leaving me totally cleansed from head to foot. This was the total immersion of AIR.
Aura being cleansed by air
Aura being cleansed by air

An elemental cleansing routine! I didn’t expect this, but wonder if it’s a preparation for new elemental encounters at Spring Equinox? I don’t have long to find out. Two more posts from this visit to follow soon.

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