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Ash in the Woods

March 21, 2014

In the third and final part of my jaunt to Alderley Edge I will talk about my experiences with my Spirit Guide, Ash. We’re still getting to know each other, it feels, yet one thing I do know about his reason for working with me is that he wants to know more about the say that subtle energy forces form, move and change in relation to this planet. No problem! So do I!

Before I came to the woods I felt like I might be asking him about the way ahead for this year – what we could be doing together to make progress for both of us. Kal and I were half way down the cliff face of The Edge by this time. Where would I need to go in order to meditate effectively with my spirit guide, I asked the dowsing rods? They swung to point me further down the hill, then along a very muddy path towards the Alderley town side of the woods. I was on my own this time – Kal had been diverted off in a different direction. This work was mine alone.

Alderley Edge - March 2014 (5)

Soon I was climbing upwards, away from the muddy path, and up the steep Edge sides towards a peak lit by the last rays of sunlight streaming through the tall bare beech branches. Almost like a beacon I was heading for the still-lit summit, a knoll where I knew what awaited me. Years of wandering through the woods meant that I knew most of the main features in any season’s garb. There was a small cave on top.

I found the cave filled only by a long dead branch, which I removed so that I could easily shuffle inside. Once seated out of the bitter wind I felt snug enough to meditate. This was perfect! I lit three incense sticks and hung my bag from a nearby branch so that Kal might see it and know where I was. Then I sat down and soon slipped into a deep state of meditation where the outside world almost disappeared completely. I was alone with my thoughts, so I turned them towards connecting with Ash. For the first time that evening he came to speak to me when I called, having held off previously – perhaps because the time was not right.

I asked my question about our future this year. Here are his responses:-

  • We will be working with Earth Energy this year. It will be strong and I will learn how to form it and craft it.
  • I will work with the yew staff. When the staff and I come to work properly together then I will get a lot more benefit out of using it.

I turned my questioning to some fo the other tasks that I thought might come around this year. One of the projects – which I may discuss after it’s done – will be greatly enhanced after the Spring Equinox as I begin to learn how to craft earth energy into particular forms for specific purposes. Intriguing!

Some rational and rather rude part of my brain interrupted this eloquent flow and asked a rather impertinent question: “Whose agenda is this information serving?” I felt rather uncomfortable that I had let such a thought slip into the midst of this meditation. It felt like an embarrassing child shouting on a bus that an old lady smells of wee.

The response was controlled and gentle. This is Ash’s agenda, but if I go with it I will learn more than ever about earth energy. Was I prepared to do that? Oh yes, I answered, before my rude brain could respond.

Alderley Edge - March 2014 (2)
Moon through the branches of trees in Alderley Edge at sunset

A Familiar Feeling

There was one more interesting piece of prediction. I will be working with the sentient entities which I have termed as “angels” a lot more this coming year. Not in the same way as before – where they appear when I visit associated sites,or when I have done good deeds. The idea now is that I will be working with these forces inside of me, rather than an external partnership. It will be a more integrated relationship.

I don’t’ really know what that means, yet, but it sounds at once exciting and yet rather daunting. Kal and I have tried to stay away from any overtly religious associations, and we still do. Yet here, I was plainly being told that I would be working with “angels” (or higher spiritual beings) in a more profound way. The mind boggles, and the pre-conceptions wobble on their plinths.

Sentient force with overwhelming presence

As I did all of these rituals and connections throughout Alderley Edge I noticed that if I introduced myself using my newly acquired druid name (see previous post) then the connections were much stronger! I also got a frisson of excitement, like an energy surge through my spine when doing so. Interesting! I’ll see how the develops over the course of the year.

So much to look forward to. You dowsers look like you’re going to get a windfall of information this year. What an interesting course that has been set for me so far. Bring on the Spring!!

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