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Luck and the Subtle Energy Field

March 11, 2014

If you only knew how many theoretical posts we had in the background, waiting for a quiet day…. but most of them never see the spotlight of this blog site. It’s not what we’re about, really – telling you how to do stuff. We’re more about showing you the possibilities through our experiences. Yet, occasionally, a theory post slips through the net, because we do have ideas. Lots of them. So, here’s one about the subject of luck.

Many people regard me as being “lucky”. I seem to sail through life unhindered by the many afflictions and wrangles which most people seem to have in their lives. I certainly regard myself as having a “charmed life”, especially when it comes to dangerous situations.  Luck is one of those concepts like “coincidence”. It is a component of a magickal life. Without luck one is resigned to a life of struggle, strife and repression. With luck comes freedom, inhibition and risk-taking. We can begin to see why luck is a much-valued and much sought-after commodity.

We need to differentiate luck as a commodity, or a by-product of a lifestyle versus perceived luck as a product of intervention. Some people say that we are being “watched over” – maybe we have a guardian angel? Such an entity offers us the chance of intervention when events might turn away from our “natural”course in life. I understand that concept, and in some situations I think that could be a viable interpretation for how we escape some potential accidents.

There is also the luck that people perceive to be involved in windfalls, or the sudden accumulation of wealth and power. Largely, this is a product of placing oneself in the right place at the right time through hard work; or of becoming involved in the chance, no matter how small, of winning something. For example, I might be lucky, but if I never enter the lottery then I’ll never win the prize! Knowing what I do about this form of luck I can say that if it is in your spiritual development to win such things then you will, and when the time is right. Otherwise, it’s just chance. Sheer chance. ‘Luck’ doesn’t come into it.

Carl Jung viewed luck as synchronicity, which he described as ‘a meaningful coincidence’.” (source: Wikipedia)

I also think there is a more general condition which we would call “luck”. This is the luck which allows one to easily move through life without being affected by restrictions and unwanted human interventions. Often “luck” as a concept is all bundled together as one idea, as though there is only one form of luck. I don’t believe this is so. I think luck comes in different forms, and I know that it is possible to work with at least one form in order to promote a smoother transit through life. Let’s examine this type of luck in more detail.

History of Luck

What a ridiculous title! I’m not going to discuss the whole history of the concept of luck, but instead point out some salient snippets cherry-picked at random from the timeline of human conceptualization. The Chinese have cultural traditions related to luck, but many of these are simply linguistic associations (e.g.’Ba’ – eight, sounds like ‘Fa’ – wealth; or ‘Si’ – four, sounds like ‘Si’ -death).

The more interesting concept energetically is Feng Shui:

“Historically, feng shui was widely used to orient buildings—often spiritually significant structures such as tombs, but also dwellings and other structures—in an auspicious manner. Depending on the particular style of feng shui being used, an auspicious site could be determined by reference to local features such as bodies of water, stars, or a compass. ” (source: Wikipedia)

The orientation is done in order to ensure the flow of ‘chi’ (what we call subtle energy) along invisible lines (which they call Dragon Lines, but we call energy leys). The by-product of being “in the flow” of the subtle energy is that the recipient has more luck.

I will pick one more example, and that is from a culture with which I am more closely entwined – the Irish culture. Ireland abounds with superstitions, ritual and folklore associated with luck. For me, it is interesting to note that Ireland is one of the last bastions of the Brythonic (Brittonic) culture, which is most closely associated with the shamanic figure of the druid, and any predecessors of that type.

“Shamans and witches are both respected and feared, based on their ability to cause good or bad fortune for those in villages near them.” (source: Wikipedia)

If we surmise that the shaman was someone who was aware of, and indeed worked with, subtle energy; and we consider that the shaman figure has traditionally been considered to be the “arbiter” or “dispenser” of good or bad fortune within remaining and historical tribal cultures, then this makes the association between luck and subtle energy more alluring.

Luck and The Flow

I have talked about my concept of “The Flow of the Universe” on this blog before. What I am describing is the movement of the Universe towards its eschaton, End Time, or conclusion point. The force which drives this movement has at various times been described as “Fate” or even “God”. Sometimes God is seen as being a force who designed this flow, rather than the flow itself, but I feel that this does not attribute the right amount of sentience to the universal processes themselves. For me, the Prime Mover is revealed in the movement itself. God is in the ‘machinery’, if you like.


For me, being in The Flow is being in harmony with the movement of the Universal flow – in tune with the mind of God. This describes the movement of the universe towards its conclusion as though it had some planning behind it, and you were either “with it” or “against it”. Humans having Free Will, the decision to flow with or against the natural order is something we are constantly making using our minds. We choose to work in harmony with that flow – to work for the Universe – or to work for ourselves. Luck is a term we use when we are floating along in the Flow of the Universe. Like a leaf on a stream. When we flow, we are lucky. We begin to encounter difficulties (bad luck) when we begin to walk against the current, to fight against the flow trying to bend life’s flow to our own will.

Luck and The Will

Just take a moment now to think about a time when you were unlucky. Did that event have any of the following characteristics?

  1. You were strong-willed and insisted that something be done “your way”?
  2. You may have noticed portents and omens which made you think twice, but you carried on anyway?
  3. It was difficult to “push” your will through to a conclusion and even though you may have got there in the end, the result didn’t live up to expectations?
  4. You thought that the “whole world was against you”?

These characteristics are typical of our will exerting itself in the face of the natural flow. There is nothing wrong with Will. Used correctly it can be a powerful tool to effect change, make decisions, and occasionally re-direct ourselves into a stronger current of the universe’s flow when we may have been moving in the slow lane. But will can also be used to move against the flow, and this is what I believe brings about “bad luck”.

Way of Staying In The Flow

So, if you buy into my idea (and I wouldn’t charge you a penny to come along for the ride) here is some guidance about ways to promote that smooth path, and to keep yourself sailing along on the lucky path through life’s eddies and whirlpools.

A balanced aura
A balanced aura

You can bring yourself into better alignment with the flow of the universe by ensuring that your own energy field is balanced and energised. ‘Temptations’ (those thoughts and desires which move us off our natural course and which divert our willpower) can be deterred, held off, and reflected elsewhere by the maintenance of a strong energy field (or aura). There are many good books which talk about ways to raise your subtle energy levels, but as this is a druid blog I will tell you that I consider the most powerful method to also be the simplest. You can energise your subtle energy field by standing in a subtle energy power centre which is aligned with your own existing field, or which is complementary to your field.

Sounds simple, right? But how do you find such a place? You dowse for it. Or you perceive it. It’s one of those places where you instinctively feel good. It might be a special place you visit, maybe it has a wonderful view, an interesting history, or is a place of sanctuary for you when times are hard. If you don’t know of such a place already, then I recommend that you dowse for one. Simply ask, “Please take me to a place where my energy can be replenished!” Kal and I do this at every single place we visit on our travels. It’s the first thing we do. Why not? Everything you do will be enhanced if your “batteries are charged”, so to speak.

This is not a “one off” process. We visit sacred places of power almost every week, and this keeps our energy levels absolutely tip top. We can repair our auras, keep it flowing smoothly, powered up and thus we keep good luck coming our way. Kal’s lifestyle is a living example of how this can be done. His every decision is based upon whether it is something that it in tune with the natural order, rather than something that is simply a “want”. I’m not suggesting that everyone tries that, but he’s a living example of a lucky man.

Maybe it’s time you made yourself lucky in life with some energy tuning? Call it a Spring Clean!

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  1. Yes will definitely give you feedback. Does the spot stay the same or do you check in each time to make sure? Are the spots the same for you and Kal or are they different?

    That’s really interesting about the laterite. I knew they were high in iron but not quartz. We have a block up the road and that is even rockier with laterite (we call it coffee rock) and seems to have a lot of water under the ground too. The trees there grow huge and have great power and independence. They need nothing from anyone. 🙂 I find it a bit difficult to get into meditation up there but if I can, they are great to talk to.

  2. I just tried it here on our land at home. Got a couple of places quite close to the cottage so I then asked for the very best place to replenish my energy and got taken to a spot right between an oak tree and an ancient Australian native Persoonia, with the leaves of both over my head and bit of the local laterite rock sticking out of the ground right next to me. How lovely! We live with a great shelf of that rock under us and I think it can be very energising so probably there are quite a few good spots here. Maybe one of the reasons why I love living here. Our cottage is even made of it. 🙂

    1. Hi Keechy,
      I love feedback like this. People going out and trying this stuff. It’s what keeps us writing about it. 🙂
      So, now you’ve found a spot with the trees and the rock forming this compatible power centre, just monitor how your luck goes for the next few weeks in conjunction with regularly standing in that spot.
      Will you report back on how you feel (energy levels) and how this affects your life generally?
      Lots of quartz in those laterite rocks – and iron too. Both good for your subtle energy configuration.

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