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Nine Stones Close – Wisdom of the Oak

March 9, 2014
Cave near Nine Stones
Cave near Nine Stones

After the traumatic events of Imbolc only three weeks ago. It feels like an age ago. I was ready to see what remedies if any could be put in place. After all, I had apparently foisted a Soul onto (into?) a Dragon that didn’t want it. All because that tricky Caileach had maneuvered me into it.

Of course that isn’t a fair assessment of the situation. I have to take a good proportion (if not all) of the blame. being self responsible is a trait that I have picked up over the years and I like it.

So I was ready to venture forth and see what the lay of the sacred journey land was. I had got in touch with Gwas and had settled on a destination of Nine Stones Close. After all The Oak resided at that sacred site and it had been a watcher (a part of the gathering) at the Druids Circle on Imbolc. So it was a windy and very wet Friday late afternoon that we set off on the hour-and-a-bit drive to Derbyshire and Nine Stones.

One of the other concerns that was on my mind was my ability (I know, I know) to affect the weather on our sacred journeys. As you know, coincidence aside, I have been quite successful in bringing good weather from bad on almost all occasions (if not all) when we have been on pilgrimages. The brutality of the weather at Druids Circle had utterly knocked my confidence of that ability. Of course there was a little bit of me thinking…it was the Ice-Dragon. But I wanted to know. The reason centred guy inside of me wanted to know whether the weather still reflected by trust and confidence in it.

Grumpy Goblin
Grumpy Goblin

Which made the rain and wind that we were driving though even better. It wouldn’t have been a proper test if the weather had been sunny to start of with would it?

Pretty much from the start of our drive to finish it rained, then believe it or not, as we stopped the car, so did the rain. Right at that moment. I was quietly hopeful. Tender hooks is a good description I would use. “don’t rain, don’t rain, don’t rain” were the thoughts that I was sending out to the universe as we walked along the paved (the farmer had partially tarmac the path)  path.

Half way (along the walk) to the sacred site, Gwas felt a call to visit a nearby cave. Honestly, I didn’t want to because, I wanted to make the weather last until we returned to the car. But no, its got to be done properly, no cheating. So off we went to the cave, where we encountered a grumpy goblin (see pic).

There was no obvious purpose for me at the cave and so after a few minutes we ventured further along the muddy path towards Nine (as you know, it’s actually four) Stones Close.

After some careful manoeuvring we arrived at the Sacred Site and (for me) The Oak. As is my SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) I asked whether there was anything I could do for the site. The answer was no. All was well. I then asked whether I could learn something at this time from the Oak. In particular about the Ice-Dragon affair. With a sigh, I got a clink of the rods, Yes!

Gwas and I have often found that we need to prepare in some way before a commune or work can take place and so I asked whether this was the case and where did I need to go to do this. Quite amusingly, the rods took me to within a foot of where Gwas was already communing. Coincidence! I’ll do a post at some point as to what preparation has meant for me, so hold on for that.

After preparing for a few minutes I was directed to the edge of one of the stones, which was protected from the cold wind. Thank You for that! Within seconds (and I mean seconds) I was in commune with Oak. If you recall I helped Oak regain its aura a few years ago.

Oak at Nine Stones
Oak at Nine Stones

Is there anything that I can do for the Ice-Dragon, could I get the book back? I could tell that Oak had a sad tinge to its voice. “No, what has been done, cannot be undone.”

I felt that there was more, so I pressed with an “And…”

The plan of Caileach was thwarted to some degree however. You were meant to bind the dragon, but you didn’t”

I didn’t understand and as I thought that, my own words were replayed back to me…“I have the dragons soul book. Reclaim it. I give it to you without question of return or debt. It is a gift, freely given”

Oak spoke again, this time, it’s voice had a smile behind it. “Your own nature came out there…’without debt’, ‘gift’, ‘freely given’…That was what made all the difference. Instead of being Bound, you have created a Bond. The implications are staggering!”

I was left thinking for quite a while after that, then my attention turned to the weather. I was about to ask whether my ability had been impaired. There was an impatient cough from Oak. “That is just your own pessimistic self view” It said, almost with scorn, “Look!” it added and I did. I looked around at the well-lit evening sky. Clouds surrounded us but above was almost clear and even at this time of the early evening a crimson light could be seen on the horizon. I let out a sigh of relief. I still had it!

The Ice-Dragon was still a concern for me and the Oak could tell it was on my mind. To interact with it, you will need to merge with your double” it said, “Only then can you commune with it in safety”  I was about to ask, when would that be, when…”Equinox!”

I had one concern left…Caileach. I hadn’t felt her presence around me at all since Imbolc. What was our relationship status I wondered and indeed asked. “It is not her, it is you” Oak imparted. “it is your energetic state that is stopping that. You think and feel in small terms and miss the monuments”

Abruptly, I knew we were done. I looked around and (by coincidence) Gwas had finished his commune at the same time too. We lit incense as an expression of gratitude and thanks and walked back to the car, in complete rain-free weather, with a tinge of crimson on the horizon. Gwas agreed, weather ability? Intact! And just to add to the perfectness, it rained all the drive back.

Kal Malik – Seeking that elusive Energy Double.

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