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Remote Dowsing, Energy Spots and Manchester Art Gallery

March 13, 2014

I am not much of an art fan. Certainly not the lines and squares type of art. I can appreciate a good country or city scene. But it doesn’t touch it as it does true fans. Maybe it is because, as a kid, when ever I tried my hand at painting, I always ended up with a brown circular sludge covering the majority of the paper? I am a movie fan though so last week I went to see the Monuments Men. It wasn’t a brilliant film by my estimations, but it did try to convey the passion that these old fella’s felt about art of all kinds.

Monuments Men
Monuments Men

That passion impressed me. It’s not that I don’t have passion about stuff in life, but I wanted to see if I could capture some of their appreciation and passion. So I decided that I would try to do that. I scheduled a visit to an art gallery near by, Manchester Art Gallery. It’s only a small one and it’s always good to start small isn’t it? As I looked through their website I saw that they had a map of the gallery on-line. A thought occurred to me, I wonder if I could remote dowse the gallery?

Manchester Art Gallery
Manchester Art Gallery

I grabbed my trusty rods and asked? “Can I remote dowse the gallery?” Yes. Brilliant. What to dowse for? The most energetic artifact in the place? Could I do that? Yes! Excellent. The gallery is on three floors and so my first question was. Is it on floor one? Two? or Three? It was on the third floor.

Power Object
Power Object

I then mentally divided the floor in half and asked is it on the left or the right? Doing this I narrowed it down to an “X” marks the spot and headed of to the gallery with more enthusiasm than I had for the art (early days).

It was a gorgeous day and one that deserved an art gallery visit. I ambled up the steps with a surprising amount of excitement. What would be the object that exuded the most power in the gallery? Since it was on the top floor I decided to take my time and leisurely go through the gallery. I have to say, it was a bit funny, because I would look at the pictures and statues and then self-test for feeling of passion. Obviously not the way to do it!

Then came the 3rd floor. I meandered over to the section that was marked on my own map, “X”. This part of the gallery was actually the most interesting. The exhibition was about memories…like a time machine, I was taken back and shown…personal objects, stuff that people carried around. Did you know that back in the day, people didn’t have bags as such, they carried the objects, naked, tied to their belts. Odd! Then there were social objects, objects of the home etc etc. In time though I came to the treasure that I had discovered, It was in a section marked spiritual objects. The image on the right is what is was.

Gwas and I have speculated many times on the notion of Gods and Goddesses, particularly with our visit to places such as the Temple of Athena in Delphi. Was it the object that radiated power? Was it the thought-form it represented? Was it both? Or neither?

Another thing to add to our carton of unexplored leaves.

Kal Malik Becoming Passionate about Art

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