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Revealing the Rowan Tree

March 7, 2014

Rowan_LuisNature has a way of rebounding things on you in a kind of cosmic joke. I had just run out of posts and was wondering what I could write about next. Spring Equinox is still a way off (this post written on the 14th Feb), and outings will be rare due to the extreme weather of late.

I turned, instead, to the tarot cards I had drawn at the start of the year. Ivy had been and gone now that Imbolc had passed. The next Tree Angel Oracle tarot card I had to contemplate is Rowan.

The information in the accompanying manual says that Rowan is the font of creativity. While this card is ‘active’ I should expect to receive inspiration for any creative endeavour. How handy is that, considering I ran out of posts?

Here is some more information talking about the influence of the Rowan tree on druidry. It’s from the ever-useful Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

“Rowan is one of the trees associated with Saint Brighid, the Celtic patroness of the arts, healing, smithing, spinning and weaving.”

” …the sacred tree of February

“Rowan is one of the nine sacred woods burnt in the Druids’ Beltaine fire. ”

“Rowan is also associated with dragons and serpents – sacred Rowans were once guarded by dragons.” (link)

So, the fact that the card was drawn to cover the period from Spring to Beltane seems remarkably appropriate.  The way that this tarot system works continues to blow my mind and expand my consciousness! The link to Brighid – goddess of light – is something that I need to bear in mind in this period. It will help define which sacred sites to visit.

The idea that the rowan wood was burned at Beltane suggests that this would signify the end of the influence of the creative period.

Of course, anything which mentioned dragons or serpents is something which this blog instantly translates into “earth energies”. I will look into this association a bit more in future posts as I begin to dowse the link between earth energies and rowan trees at this time of year.

A whole new area of investigation has opened up!

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