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Rowan trees and subtle energies

March 19, 2014

Whilst working at Alderley Edge just before Spring Equinox 2014 I was taken to the location of a Rowan tree. I meditated at the base of the tree and felt a connection to the tree itself, and so I asked for permission to dowse about the nature of Rowan trees generally, in respect of their relationship with earth energy. Here are the results of the interaction.

  • Rowan is the Scout, the seeker of energy
  • It is the first tree to find the returning male energy and to combine this with the female earth energy to form a union
Shape of a rowan tree's unified earth energy
Shape of a Rowan tree’s unified earth energy
  • Rowan is accepting, driven and good for wands or staffs which are intended to work with earth energies.
  • The Rowan’s energy is stronger earlier than other trees. (6/10 now, compared with 2-3 on average for other species)

I think this says to me that the Rowan tree is a bit overlooked when we consider the tree and subtle energy. Often it is the birch which is considered as the “quicksilver messenger” of the earth energies, but in my research the Rowan fulfils this role better than any other deciduous  tree yet discovered.

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