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Spring 2014 – The Air Angel

March 25, 2014

Spring is here! Well, it’s beginning to feel a bit more spring-like, even if only briefly at the moment. Kal and I went out for the Ostara festival date on Thursday 20th March this year. We had contingency plans due to the weather. The day before had been fine and still. The day after would be the same. Yet Spring Equinox itself was dull, grey, cold and windy. In some ways we cursed our luck, but in others we got to see all four elements in one day. That was the theme of the whole day – elements.

Our first stop was Castlerigg Stone Circle – Cumbria’s jewel in the crown, so to speak. The wind had reached a ripping rate by the time we arrive and dark clouds were threatening rain. Nobody had to tell us that this was going to be a quick visit! Actually, no-one could, because apart from a lady who we helped get her van started, there was no-one else who dared to be out in the open at the circle on this special day. Sensible people? No, they missed out. Let me tell you why.

Castlerigg - Spring Equinox 2014 (4)

Usually we need some cleansing before we start, and we both wandered off to respective power centres. Luckily, the cleansing routine was fast and we soon moved on.

I asked the dowsing rods to find the correct place for me to work and I was taken by a long and winding route to The Sanctuary – a rectangular section within the circle itself. This was not the first time that this place had been identified as the best location for magickal working. My Spirit Guide Ash was invited to assist with the work, and his assistance would form part of the routine that I would use for the rest of this day.

The meditation is fast. I ask what will be coming this year and the response is that I will receive the help of “Elemental Angels” – the first of which will be an air angel. I am shown a clear picture of four forces, four entities, each surrounded by their own specific element. It is a fascinating image, and one that leaves me wanting more. I know that patience is key to this day’s work, so I relax away from the vision and begin to see whether this is the correct place to begin connecting with one of these ‘elemental angels’, as they are defined to me.

Time now to see if I can interact with one of these entities.

I do a connection ritual, ready myself, and expand my aura to the size of the circle. Then I ask for an Air Angel to work with me. One arrives within seconds! It introduces itself by name, almost like it is presenting itself to me for inspection. I feel amazingly uplifted, my spine tingles with delight and a grin forms on my face. The wind howls all the harder. The signs are there – it feels right. I feel like I did when I was in the presence of an angelic force in the past (see this post). On that basis I accept the Air Angel into my energetic space, and we become connected.

Recalling the presence

In a vegetarian cafe in Keswick afterwards I say the name and bring the angel to mind while I am having a pee in a tiny enclosed cubicle. It feels like the most inappropriate space in which to interact with something so ‘divine’ and thus is surely the best test of whether this stuff is liable to work when I need it?

Immediately I say the name I feel a tingle. My awareness is moved to the air extractor rumbling above my head, and I become aware of all the smells in the air of the cubicle (which could have been nicer, frankly, but luckily is slightly flower-scented).

Castlerigg - Spring Equinox 2014 (6)
Love tokens at Castlerigg roadside

I feel a happy loving presence and a deep satisfaction. The link really is there.

As we leave the cafe after lunch the wind continues to whip our coats and play with our hair. I know that my Air Angel is now with me, and I wonder what the rest of the day is likely to being forth. At that moment rain begins to lash down hard. Ahh… seems like this could be a large part of our next encounter!! Welcome to Cumbria.

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