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Spring 2014 – The Water Angel

March 27, 2014

There are plans, and then there are impromptu moments. Our plan was to go to the Borrowdale valley to see some ancient yew trees. Things were conspiring to slow me down to a crawl however. We literally drove at no more than 10mph along the edges of Derwentwater as we waited for cars to pass each other, and then everything got tangled up at some temporary traffic lights. Sigh followed sigh and soon my attention became distracted. I began to let my attention wander, and it was picked up by the lake itself. I felt an increasingly powerful pull to go to the lake’s edge.

I felt like there would be somewhere to stop close to the end of the lake. We got through the interminable traffic light shuffle, and around the corner was a sign for Kettlewell car park. No second chances – I knew this was the place to connect with the water.

Derwentwater from Kettlewell car park
Derwentwater from Kettlewell car park

I headed down to the lakeside, but needed to go back – I felt I should collect a specific crystal from the car. I dowsed which one and it turned out to be a turquoise geode with a hollow in it.

Turquoise geode to collect water from the lake
Turquoise geode to collect water from the lake

I worked with Ash in a very emotional connection! I used the turquoise crystal to collect water from the lake, then hold it in my hands as I called for a Water Angel to work with me. Several made themselves known to me, much to my confusion! I had to pick which one “felt right”. Again, I felt like I shouldn’t mention their names in public – this is private magickal work.

I chose one because it felt right. Rain fell hard into the lake now, and everything became water-logged, yet the wind calmed down at this point. Seems like I was moving from the Air Angel to the Water Angel’s presence. I tested this idea by calling on the Air Angel and a huge gust of wind whipped the edges of the lake and pushed the tree branches down right next to me. OK -point proved!

This work was done. Next we were going to Borrowdale where I hoped to find some amazingly old yew trees. The rain got heavier. Puddles became rivulets, and streams became torrents. We tried to dry ourselves in the car as we made our way to Seathwaite – still slowly – now behind a huge impassable tractor. I relaxed even more. What can you do when the world slows you down? Go with it!


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