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Summary of the Year 2013 – P3 – Loose Threads

March 5, 2014

Like a greased eel this post nearly slipped out of my grasp. It’s March 2014 and before the Spring Equinox launches me off into an orbit of seemingly never-ending work I thought it would be a good point to mention the “almost rans” of the last year – those aspects of my work which seemed random, inexplicable, and without any obvious annual resolution.

Of course, in this game, some spirals are larger than it’s possible to perceive and things come around on a very long trajectory, like a kind of Planet X.

The unexpected arrival of the immanent

I’m sure you will find these loose threads fascinating, but they also act as markers for events and information that might become important in the following years too. I document them here as a reminder of what might be built upon in the forthcoming year.

1. The Serpent Eating The World

At Belas Knap long barrow I was shown an unusual energy formation. The energy flowed the entire length of the top of the structure. The shape of the formation was an undulating sinewy form which culminated at the semi-circular “entrance” of the barrow. At the pinnacle of the mound could be found a circle. I recognised the image as a snake with its jaws around the world.

Belas Knap - snake energy

Interesting that the Earth is depicted as female energy, whereas the snake is formed of male energy. Perhaps the symbolism is sperm and egg, rather than serpent and world? Certainly, fertility was a theme at this site. Yet, in a world before microscopes how could this biology have been known to an ancient culture?

The formation has always been there since the creation of the mound. How had it persisted? Who had created it? Why had they created it? I found some vague answers, but the formation threw up more questions than answers. It makes me wonder how many other sacred sites have such energy forms?

PostSnake Eating The World

2. The Torc of the Hawk

The Torc of the Hawk was a quest that I thought I had finished when I absorbed the energy from a golden torc in the Dublin National Museum. However, it reared its head once more when I went to see the entity Bran in his “mountain hideaway” of Dinas Bran.

Bran advises that I need to buy a “clean” torc. By this he means that I need a fresh un-energised golden torc. This can be used to host the energy that I have extracted from the old torc. Then, at Knowth in the Boyne Valley I can properly invest that energy and release the ancestral energy associated with possessing this artefact.

Torc of the Hawk - National Museum - Dublin - October 2013 (14) (Large)

Why that location? Has it been used by my ancestors at some time in the past? What will the result be of having a physical Torc of the Hawk? When will I wear it? Unresolved questions, as always.

Post: Bran, Corvus and Taking Possession

3. Cloud Sylphs and Urbanity

I occasionally see a cloud sylph – a face and sometimes a body in the clouds which is undeniably meant for me to see at that moment. This usually occurs at a significant time, such as when I’m engaged with a magickal process, or in the right state of mind. So it was when I visited Barcelona.

Having climbed to the top of a hill overlooking the city I was in a special mental state. I asked for contact with anything special in the area, and my eye was drawn to a cloud which spread across the city like a cloak with a face. It was a beautiful sight which camera pictures never do justice to.

Cloud sylph above Barcelona
Cloud sylph above Barcelona

What I learned from this experience was that Nature Spirits are interested in the activity of humans in cities. Of course, due to their name, I had always only associated them with Nature – wild, free nature – away from human civilisation. Here I learned that this was not the case. They are everywhere, connected to our everyday lives. Of course they are. It seems to obvious now, but I had to be shown it as clearly as this episode to realise it.

Post: Cloud Sylphs Love Cities Too

4. Visions of  a Bejewelled Mirror and a Gold-Tip Cane

When working beneath the mighty yew tree at Llangernyw I was given a few visions. The first was of a bejewelled mirror, and the second was of a man with a gold-topped cane. In both visions there was an offering of a possibility of encountering the item and the person. As yet, I have not seen any evidence of either. A true loose thread, still dangling in the aether.

Worm Celtic gold-topped rosewood cane
Gold-topped rosewood cane

Are these yet to be encountered? Have I missed the opportunity? How significant were these visions?

Post:: The Bejewelled Mirror

Post:: The Man With The Gold-Topped Cane

5. Breaking Barriers

This particular snippet of information was discovered while working with a well-known Cheshire psychic (well, I know him well). I spotted a dark spot in one corner of his room, and when we examined it more closely I could see that the spot was actually a break in the normal protection barrier which surrounds the house. It seems that the rapid exit of a spirit has rent a hole in the subtle energy field!


Something to be aware of when you use psychic protection techniques. They may not be as impermeable as you would wish. Re-visit their status regularly to check for holes!

Post: Spirit breaks sound barrier

6. Summer exclusion zone

Finally, in the early Spring of 2013 I found a fabulous nemeton space. It was my intention to use that space as a place to meditate. It was perfect – secluded, forgotten, with stunning views, and the regular haunt of normally shy animals. On top of all that, there was a ring of trees enclosing a cairn. It really couldn’t have been more perfect.

Nemeton - late spring

When I re-visited in the summer it was completely overgrown! I couldn’t even get close to it – the paths to it from all sides were covered in 10-feet tall bracken and brambles. It was utterly impenetrable! So much for my ‘summer’ nemeton! I would have to consider it a Spring and late Autumn space instead.

Post: Making a Summer Nemeton

Let’s see whether any of these small slippery threads slither back to me this year.

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