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CastleRigg and the Genius Loci – Spring Equinox 2014 – 1 of 5

April 7, 2014

A really early start to the Spring Equinox of 2014 had us at a sacred site called Castlerigg around 10a.m. It was a fresh and breezy start to the days pilgrimage, but as ever I was hopeful of calling the sun out to play at some point, even as ominous clouds were gathering around us.

I asked the rods whether there would be any work required here and they responded with a salient no. It seemed that this was a place of preparation. I confirmed this and let them lead me to a place that was energetically suitable, which happened to be on the far side (from the road) of the circle, hunkered down behind a large enough stone to keep the wind out. It was a kind place.

Air Element

Standing there for some moments I could hear the wind swirling around me and a thought occurred to me. Was this going to be an elemental day? If so, was this a “Air” place? I mused for some more moments as I felt that my energy was not attuned as yet. Then I grabbed my rods and asked the questions?

  • Was this going to be an elementally significant day? Yes. In fact a strong yes.
  • Was this an Air elemental place for me, at this time? Yes. Did you see how specific that question was, by the way?

I had been in the Air spot enough to have my energies aligned and so looked around for Gwas. He was still in the midst of his work so I decided to play for a bit…

Genius Loci
Genius Loci

I dowsed for the Genius Loci and found it just off-center. I had a feeling that this was the head of the Genius Loci and wondered if I could dowse its body. The answer was a yes and the image above shows how it (quite literally) lay. Of course, its shape and position would change over the course of the day (and year) but at that time, that was where its energies were prominant.

As I walked the path a few times with my rods, just for self-affirmation, I noted a quartz crystal in the ground. Now normally I don’t mess with other people’s magic, but this crystal seemed to have been dropped, rather than placed and so I asked the rods whether it had any significance for me? The answer was yes and also a yes for me to take it without any energetic harm. So I pocketed.

I was about done playing and so was Gwas. Thus began our Equinox pilgrimage in the Cumbrian area of England.

Kal Malik

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