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Fraternal Yews and Earth Element – Spring Equinox 2014 3 of 5

April 11, 2014

If you have read some of Gwas’s post on this outing you will realise that his elements and mine differ. For those who seek correlation and scientific rational – beware! The sacred journey will not pander to such machinations. Sorry, it just won’t. The variables are immense and the reductionist attitude of science and rationality is infinitely lacking.

Fraternal Yews
Fraternal Yews

We arrived as close as possible to the place known as the Fraternal Yews. Alas, it was throwing it down with rain and there were several small streams that needed to be navigated to get to the Yew trees. I was of course completely unprepared for this kind of weather and ascent (the trees were up a slope). But of course that did not stop me.

The climb was arduous, cold and wet but worth it in every way. We arrived at the Yews and split off to do our own work. I was drawn to one of the trees at once and made my way to it. As soon as I touched the wet bark of the tree I was transported.

It is not for nought that Yews are known for their grounding ability. This Yew had me sinking both energetically and physically to my knees. Calm and peace surrounded and engulfed me. For some reason, I knew that this was the place I could connect with my energy double. I let the song of the energy double lift into the air and in no time at all I felt its presence near and then within me.

The connection was silent and heavy. Like I had just put on a heavy coat. In a previous post I talk about how to our energy double, time travel is easy. I queried it now and it tried to pull me back through time. It failed. It was puzzled and so was I. Then a realisation came to me. The Yews were grounding me, preventing me from being pulled back in time. It would have to be at our next stop, I thought.

The dragon was still on my mind and I thought about what to leave it as a sign. A though from my double entered my mind, “you already have”. Puzzled but agreeing, I indicated to Gwas that I was done and we headed back to the car. I was well and truly soaked. At any other time, I would have attributed Water Element to this experience, however I had felt the power of the Yews, this was definitely Earth for me.

As I sat in the car, Gwas looked at me closely, “What’s that blood on your cheek?” What!?! I felt the side of my face and what I had thought was water was actually blood. I hadn’t felt the cut at all, but just on the side of my left eye was a small gash that must have bled against the Yew tree I had slid down next to.

A thought entered my consciousness, a blood sign for the dragon!

Kal Malik

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