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Of Dragons and Doubles – Spring Equinox 2014 – Genesis

April 5, 2014
Ice Dragon
Ice Dragon

It was the Spring Equinox of 2014 and we were on our way to Cumbria. Well, we had a plan B which was that if the weather was really bad, we would continue driving to Scotland (another 3 hours drive) and to Rosslyn Chapel. As it happens, that wasn’t the case. I had a dual purpose for the day. The first was to reunite with my energy double (one day I will do a post on that enigmatic being). The other was to commune with an Ice-Dragon. If you haven’t read on my experiences with that creature yet, then search herein for Ice-Dragon.

What I had learned so far was that I was not energetically strong enough to deal with an encounter with this dragon. What I needed, prior to this, was to combine with my energy double. A feat that is quite difficult in and of itself. However I had done the necessary preparation work (using my Energy Staff) and was in good spirits as to the success of this day. Let the day commence!

Kal Malik



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