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Quest – The Muse of Taliesin

April 25, 2014

It was one of the first truly glorious sunny days of this Spring. Of course, such an opportunity cannot be passed up, and so Kal and I made arrangements to go to Dinas Bran. The views alone would be worth the journey, but I had a more pressing reason. I had been out for the Spring Equinox twice recently, but somehow on both occasions I had forgotten to ask for guidance about what to do for the period between Spring and Beltane. How remiss! Time to remedy that, so I set off with this as my sole intention – that way I couldn’t get distracted,

It was the 1st of April – a time traditionally associated with the April Fool’s Joke. For us, The Fool now has strong associations with the tarot cards. On arrival, however, we found that the joke was on us – we couldn’t find a car parking space at our usual location, and we had to park half way down the approach lane.

The Wanderer - the Wildwood equivalent of The Fool
The Wildwood equivalent of The Fool

I positively ran up the slope to get to the castle ruins. There was barely a breath of wind at the bottom, and thankfully it was not cold this evening. |We climbed in the first proper Spring warmth of the year and revelled at the prospect of further outings which seemed inevitable now that we had momentum and good weather.

At the summit I quickly deposited my stuff, and did a cleansing routine, as I was guided by the dowsing rods to do first. This felt like it took ages to get complete stillness of mind. Of course, when you’re full of Spring eagerness then it might have been a minute or so, but it felt like half an hour. It wasn’t. Then I was off to find the location of Bran so that we could work together.

The dowsing rods led me to a corner of the ruined walls near to an archway. I had found him here once before. I was beginning to know his places now! After a few years of tracking Bran I now know of four or five places where I will find him, depending on the time of year and time of day.

Dinas Bran - April 2014 (9)
Asked him what my next quest is, and his response was that I should gather the muse of Taliesin. A moment’s contemplation refined that phrase – “muse” meant inspiration – or awen. This is the inspirational energy of Taliesin.


Where, I pondered, was I supposed to find this kind of energy? Would it be at places associated with Taliesin, or some sites that I already knew? There were questions for later. At this point I wanted to know more about what I should do with the energy once I had gathered it. Tuning into the invisible guide of Bran I asked this question and soon images and words began to coalesce….

Once I have gathered this awen inspiration energy I need to travel to Carnac. There I will release the energy into the ‘energy engine’ that I believe Carnac to be. I will feel the wider benefits of doing this .

As Kal also pointed out, before that happens it would be wise to check for the impact of such an energy release, and to find out more about possible side effects and consequences, if it’s possible to know. I hear you, Kal. You speak from experience.

As I began to write up my experience with Bran I was reminded of the tarot draw that I did at the start of the year which would show me the direction and intention of any part of this year.

Interesting that this “Muse of Taliesin” quest fits perfectly with the Tree Angel Oracle reading for Spring to Beltane, which was Rowanthe tree of inspiration.


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