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4 Beltane 2014 – Carnac and the Taliesin Quest Pt2

May 20, 2014

This post is the culmination of my Spring to Beltane quest which I have called “The Muse of Taliesin“, although I have also been calling it the Taliesin Awen quest too. I love confusion – it makes the brain work harder. In the first part of this post we had just left The Giant’s Stone in search of the Kerlescan alignments. These stones are not at the popular end of the fields. The only tourists who seem to wander this far are either the truly dedicated, or the ones being transported by the tourist bus. Perfect for we intrepid explorers seeking to do some energy work in peace.


We wander past the main field of stones, Kal testing each entry gate to see if they are locked, They are. Well, if one was open, then that would be an invitation to enter, would it not? The dowsing rods were giving us clear indications that this was the section in which we would need to work. How could that be, we wondered? Walking round the back of the field we find that there is a house overlooking the area – another strong incentive NOT to hop over the fence. We are about to give up hope, but instead decide to ask where the best place to work might be, because there is one stone outside of the fence. Perhaps here?

Indeed so! The rods indicate that I can begin my work at this stone. Kal asks the same question and the rods point to a stone inside the field, towards the back, almost beneath a canopy of trees. He moves away to investigate how he might access that stone. Possibly remotely? No need! He returns to point out a unique “feature” – a small set of steps in the wall at just the point where the fence meets the wall. One step and you are over into the small gap between fence and wall. It’s too good to be true – an open invitation to work! By a perfect coincidence the area is hidden from view of the nearby house courtesy of some tall shrubs. Well then, we accept the invitation!

Kerlescan alignments - Carnac - Brittany 2014 (2) - Copy (Large)

So, there are two stones, and Kal and I are working together. With a quick dowsing session, I determine that I am to sit at this ‘male’ stone (a blade shaped stone), and Kal should sit at the squarer ‘female’ stone. I am to gift the Taliesin awen energy, and Kal… well, he’ll find out! We settled in and began working.

For me, the stone I was sitting at felt male. In my mind this meant that I needed to “push” the taliesin energy out. I connected with my store of collected creativity energy and fed it out into the Carnac Engine, visualising the energy as it flowed through the field, weaving through the stones, and on over the hill into the other fields of lined-up stones, until it reached Menec and there it began to collect in a huge circular movement.

I found myself saying:

“By Taliesin’s long-held vow
I gift you this male energy now.”

The energy pushed out faster, and I felt the turn of the wheel at Menec as the energy formed into a grand circle, feeding back on itself and collecting. I have no idea how long it took, but soon I wasn’t pushing out any more energy, and I woke up. Kal was still seated at the other stone – we are in visual contact – but he is also waking now. We switched places without comment on the work. Kal guided me to the simple stair into the site, and I entered, skulked, and then dowsed for the best place to sit. It was a different place thankal, and I noticed that he was also sitting on the opposite side of the male stone to where I had sat a minute previously.

Now I am inside the site at the female stone, so instead of “pushing” the Taliesin energy, I open up to allow it to be taken from me. Now I am a passive giver, instead of an active one. I offer the female threads of this Awen energy. The energy is drawn out of me – slowly at first and then quicker. In my mind’s eye I see a giant woman standing at Menec. She is weaving the male and female energies into a single yarn from the two threads that I have supplied. Now she weaves a cloak from the yarn, using the Menec wheel as a machine to produce it. The cloak is then spread out, laid across The Channel between Brittany and Cornwall. What does this mean, I wonder? The vision fades as my thought intrudes.

The Weaving Together

I sit and think about the vision. The weaver may have been Arianrhod. The cloak she weaves is a symbol of a bond of friendship that unites the two lands of Lesser and Greater Britain. I see this now. This is the friendship energy that the tarot predicted in my recent reading (see link). Then another realisation hits me. Caillu. This young lady whom we have only recently met, and didn’t know we were meeting – she is a weaver! She knits, weaves and produces her own unique yarns (her site).

All three concepts begin to integrate – The Weaver – The Threads – The Kinship. I smile a deep and lasting, a heartfelt smile. At that moment a very strong but momentary gust of wind blows, twisting the trees and snapping me to wide attention. I look to Kal – he’s noticed it too – his wide-eyed astonishment shows it. “Notice!” the wind says. “See what we have done together!“. I laugh, loudly, without consideration for the fact that I am sitting in a prohibited space. The beauty, the synchronicity, the inevitability, the knitting together – it is a beautiful thing. A truly beautiful thing. What an amazing quest to complete!


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