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Arbor Low – From Heart To Mouth

May 10, 2014

At the latter end of last year (2013) I mentioned to my dear friend Mike that I had been given a task which, should I choose to accept it, would constitute what is commonly termed a “Great Work“. I know that this is a loaded term, and anyone who has studied the path of  The Western Mystery Tradition will recognise that this term is often used by the Masonic groups to describe their overall work for the betterment of humanity. It is certainly a double-edged sword of a term, because of course it depends on who the benefactors of this Great Work might be to determine the integrity and morality. I will not be using it in the traditional context, but rather in terms of what it quite literally is – a large amount of energy work!

The target for this Great Work is the ‘great’ stone circle of Arbor Low. I have often described this site as being like the spokes of a great wheel due to the number of radial energy leys which emanate from it and which then travel across the length and breadth of these islands. My name for it is The Wheel of Albion and one day I will fully document all the sites along these leys which I believe are linked to its energy profile. I have already made a start with this, and in fact it is the most often viewed post on this site!

Today, my motivation was to begin to do some energy cleaning along some of the damaged and disrupted leys. Before I tell that tale, I have some fresh information on The Wheel of Albion and its terminus points.

View over Arbor Low at Spring 2014
View over Arbor Low at Spring 2014


Before I begin the story I want to make a point about a new aspect that I have discovered relating to the end points of these radial energy leys. When I first drew the map I didn’t know where the radial energy leys might terminate. I wondered if they went beyond the borders of the lands through which they travelled, and if not I was looking for the nearest sacred site within the bounds of the island which might be considered as a “terminus” point. The results were patchy, and unsatisfactory. This always made me feel uncomfortable – like there was more to it. Well, I think I’ve found the missing piece of the puzzle.

I have re-investigated several of the leys that I was working on before. In many cases the ley can be found to end at the mouth of a major river (or an island in that river mouth). I have updated my Google Map with the changes where this such work has been done. I expect that I will be able to continue this work through to the rest of the leys in due course.

Now I begin to see another side to the expression “My heart was in my mouth“! It also makes the Ourobouros symbol even more interesting, and makes me wonder about why I was guided to find this same symbol on top of Belas Knap recently:

Serpent's head ends at an island, perhaps?
Serpent’s head ends at an island, perhaps?


On with the story. Mike and I entered into the structure via the entry points which were suitable to that day – different for each of us. I was taken in by a route that I had only ever used once before. Then the dowsing rods brought me to the same stone as Mike was already sitting upon. It would seem that we were expected to work together, beginning at this one particular stone which was linked to the first radial ley that we would investigate.

1) Ending at St Mary’s Rocks in the River Erme‘s mouth (see this link)

We stood one behind the other. I was standing on the stone and Mike was in front of it closer to, and facing, the embankment. I connected to the site, protected myself, then let my mind be transported down the energy ley. I moved at a blistering speed! Across the Welsh Marches, down towards Caerleon… then it was like being thrown out of a dodgem car – bump! I hit some “energy bumps” – there was a kink in the ley – some disruption to its natural flow.

I called upon the forces that worked with me – those unseen agents of energy – to allow me to draw down energy in conjunction with He would later tell me that at this point he saw a mighty bolt of lightning crash down to Arbor Low.  Suddenly, I was ablaze with energy. I pushed back along the ley, driving forward, pushing through the kinks, the obstacles and the disruption. I carved a clear fiery trail of electrical energy until I landed at the end in a volcano of subtle charge! As it exploded into the air both Mike and I fell backwards, dis-engaging from the experience because it was SO powerful. I saw him reel and shake his head in astonishment. I knew what he had just experienced. We compared notes, then tried to ground ourselves back in reality. Wow – so strong!

Stone associated with the Caerleon line
Stone associated with the Caerleon line

2) Ending at the mouth of the River Blythe in Suffolk (see this link)

We moved around to the next energy ley that drew our attention. Mike stopped at a stone which caught his eye (or his third eye). It was a stone that I knew well, but I waited for him to mention anything. He did – he asked if there was an unhappy spirit here. There certainly was! I knew of an Earth elemental which inhabited that stone and from previous encounters I knew it to be ‘difficult’ and depressing. I mentioned this to Mike and he seemed satisfied with his detection.

He suggested that we work with the spirit anyway, even though it might be difficult, and asked if I could commune with it to achieve its co-operation. I did so, and reluctantly it seemed to agree. We put up more protection, and then settled into place – Mike on the stone and me behind it, much as before. I connected and began the process of trying to empathise with the stone, its course and speed, how it flowed….

Like with the previous stone my mind was transported across the landscape until it reached the flat lands of Mercia – the modern-day counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. This time, instead of encountering obstructions, I found that my mind dropped off the end of the land into the sea! I retracted to investigate where the line met the sea. The original terminus point of the radial ley had been destroyed by weathering, and there was a lot of human destruction all throughout the end point region. What should I do?

I asked for guidance. What was the recommendation here? My guiding forces suggested a re-attachment and a new pathway created for the energy to flow freely. They also suggested that the Earth spirit attached to Arbor Low’s stone could help. We worked together, carving a tunnel of fresh Earth Energy through the land to attach to a church at the far end. I felt that the church was dedicated to a female aspect, such as “Mary” and also to “All Saints”, but that was superfluous to the task. The important point was that the pathway had been recreated anew. I thanked the grumpy Earth spirit and disconnected. Both Mike and I agreed that the task had felt worthwhile, but nowhere near as exciting as the “fire” work just before.

Subsequent research leads me to think that the church in question may be St Mary’s Church in Halesworth, Suffolk.

3) Ending at Sheep Island off the north coast of Northern Ireland

We moved further around the circle searching for any more work that needed doing. Mike was drawn to the central stones and I joined him, confirming that there was a third ‘spoke’ in the Wheel of Albion which needed some energy work, and that it was OK to do such work.

The third energy ley that we worked with was one which extended North West. I have plotted this line going to the mouth of the Ribble Estuary. However, when I connected into the line and allowed my remote viewing senses to be taken along the line I was taken across the Irish Sea! This was both a surprise and a delight – it was quite exhilarating to be speeding across the water and then onto Irish soil. The journey for me ended at a coastline which I felt was familiar, but I didn’t know why.

At a cliff with steep edges sat a female spirit form. From her I felt that she was feeling neglected – as though she had once been able to travel to the circle of Arbor Low, but now the way was blocked. To remedy this we needed to invite her to the circle. I came back to normal wakefulness to tell Mike this, and we agreed to invite her in.

I sent the message via the elemental angel of air, thinking this would be the most appropriate messenger. As the message arrived another energy form stepped into view. It was Bran! Like in the stories that I had read about him he had waded across the Irish Sea, and then stepped out of the water to lift the female spirit onto his shoulders and transport her back across the sea. Within moments the giant was depositing her at Arbor Low!

Arbor Low - Spring Equinox 2014 (7) (Large)

In the next few days after this episode I went back to my radial ley map. I extended the line from the Ribble Estuary out into the Irish Sea, and it passed through the Isle of Man, then on to a small island off the coast of Northern Ireland. I recognised this coastline. I had been there as a child, and had watched my father walk across the Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge in a strong wind. In those days we lived in Northern Ireland, so I knew this coastline from holiday visits. The line went through the rope bridge to an island known as Sheep Island.

Our work was done for today. There may be other radial leys which need attention but we were content with what we had done already. As we left we began to talk about the unusual weather – half light, half dull. There was a strange curtain of misty rain held at bay by a strong sun, and it created a most unusual effect, which I decided I had to photograph.

Unusual cloud formations at the edges of Arbor Low
Unusual cloud formations at the edges of Arbor Low

Whenever we get to do more work at Arbor Low, if it’s necessary, I will post it up. For now, it was a fascinating afternoon which yielded so many new insights into the leys and their terminus points that I had to spend many hours re-positioning everything correctly. Every day at Arbor Low is a school day!


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