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May 5, 2014
Energy Trails
Energy Trails

For about the last 2 years I have been running an experiment. Actually scratch that, for the last 4 years I have been running an experiment. I think it seriously began when I had a  vision of being dropped in the South-West of England, an impossible notion at that time, and yet only two weeks later I found myself moving to that area of the country.

I have been on occasion asking the dowsing rods as to what is the most beneficial course of action and then taking that action. However I haven’t been completely insane and have let my reason have its say too. However over the last year and a half I have let intuition take more and more of a hand.

Thus upon my return from California last October, I had the opportunity of work come along. Which I asked the rods, should I accept? No. Then I was trying to determine a suitable place to settle for the winter and had made a list of 8 places. I asked the rods whether any were of particular note. They said yes and indicated one in particular. So I took it.

What happened next was quite remarkable. It so happened that the live-out land lady was an organiser of events. What kind of events? I asked her during a coffee. Spiritual kind, she replied and asked, “what do you do?” I had to laugh, “I talk at spiritual events.” And so it came about that I was booked for two events per week throughout November and December. The busiest I have been in winter months for ever.

Of course, a coincidence you say.

Christmas came and went and I continued to stay at the same place and come January, I had a call from a friend. Could I do some workshops for her at various universities. Being in a central location to those I agreed absolutely. Thus Jan, Feb and March were the most busiest months for me also, wherein I was running workshops in 7 universities around the town I (energetically) chose.

And here we are in April and I am a month away from the term of my stay. Today I was want to go to a sacred site to ask some pertinent questions. Fortunately I decided to ask a few at home first…

  • Can I ask questions regarding me moving and staying? Yes
  • Do I need to go to a sacred site to ask these questions? No
  • Do I need to prepare this place in any way so I can ask questions? No

Okay, I have to tell you that my place is almost always in its optimal energetic configuration. How do I know this? Because I check on a weekly basis and do some energy work if neccessary to ensure it is. So I wasn’t surprised with that “No”.

  • Is it holistically beneficial for me to remain at this residence? No.

Note: I use the word holistically to refer to my whole (mind, body and energy) being. Example, I might dowse that the most energetically beneficial place for me on an outing might be the middle of a road, but I am not going to do a meditation there am I?

  • On a scale of 1 – 10 how much of a benefit would it be for me to move? 1…2…3…4…10!

Wow! You have got understand a Ten is a Ten! It is über important to take note of. So I am definitely moving.

  • Is there any benefit to me being in a particular location? Yes.

Now then, I have been wanting to spend a few months in the South (London area) of the country and so that was what I was hoping the rods would indicate towards. But first I wanted to know how much of a benefit.

  • On a scale of 1 – 10 how much of a benefit is it for me to be in a particular location? 3.

Three is not actually significant at all and can be ignored if needs be, but if you want to be really niggly, you should take account of the lower imports.

  • Where is a holistically good location for me to be? South (i.e. London area), South-West (I hope not), North-East, Midlands, North-West. Yes – North West.

Actually this is where I already am, I was disappointed by the No to London, but as I said it was only of a Three importance as to where I move. What was important was that I moved!

There are a few places I have spent time in the NW before so I checked those of. All the places were of the same rating save one. Warrington, my original home town had a slightly (1) higher rating than anywhere else in the North-West.

That determined, I also wanted to consider work. Having worked in the IT industry for many years, I still get a call or two for work in that area. So I asked the rods…

  • Should I consider a contract of work if it arises? No.
  • On a scale of 1 – 10, of what relevance is this? 13!

Wow! Thirteen! On the question of not considering IT work, really! Thirteen! I triple checked it! and it was indeed 13!

What about the project I am working on, Heart Resonance Coaching Framework…

  • Should I continue to work on HRC? Yes.
  • And what relevance did this have? 10.

To be honest, I was still reeling from the 13!

Looks like I have my Energetic answers, will I stick with my path or cave in to rationality?

Stay tuned,

Kal Malik


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