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The finer points of becoming a Knight

May 6, 2014


As you will read in Gwas’s posts he is on a mini quest to seek out energies pertaining to Taliesin. Who am I to say no to tagging along on such a quest? So when the opportunity arose, of course I said yes! We drove to the outskirts of Conway, skirting the beautiful castle there and then up into the wild-lands. And when I say wild I mean wild. But we’re kind of used to that and so it was with out much-ado that, after a half-mile muddy trek, we arrived at our destination.

I had to (according to the rods) prepare a little further away from the site whilst Gwas was invited in immediately. After a suitable preparation time I was ready to do some work here. Of course I had asked the prerequisite questions…

  • Is there anything I can do for this sacred site? No.
  • Is there anything I can learn here? Yes.
Kal In Commune
Kal In Commune

The “Yes” had surprised me because I was here for the trip rather than for work. Nevertheless such is the Tao of a Pilgrim. I was directed to sit beneath the lip of the head stone which was rather opportune because only Gwas could fit inside.

I sat there, fortunately sheltered from the nippy breeze and opened myself up to commune. Honestly I had no idea what shape or form of knowledge that this commune would bring, but I was open to listen and maybe even learn.

As I became silent, I felt a swirl of energy rising from the ground. I knew that feeling, it was a Genius Loci, the spirit of the place. I let it rise within me and commune.

You wont believe how many hours I sit and ponder the results of communes. Why do you get the information you do? How come the Genius Loci of whatever you are communing with know your holistic situation? What prompts what information you receive? And many more questions to boot. I am still asking these questions…

My thoughts were taken back about 4 years ago to a time that was actually in sync with this time on the sacred calendar. At that time I was in the midst of my Knights Quest and doing tasks pertaining to it. One of these had been to traverse the land on a North-South line visiting castles along the way. It was a path that the fabled Sir Gawain had mythically followed to confront the Green Knight. This was the path I was being shown in this commune. I wondered whether I had to do this. I got an immediate answer, No. But (isn’t there always a but?) It would be highly beneficial if I did.

I lifted out of commune and pondered this knowledge. It would be a long hike, a few days to be sure and it would mean a long drive too. But on the other hand it was an optional side-quest. I left the question open, “let’s see how the opportunity would unfold” I thought.

Kal Malik following Sir Gawain

ps: here is a link to the castles in England

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