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A dance in the full moon at Nine Ladies

June 15, 2014

No, not a naked dance! It was the full moon and Gwas and I decided on what better a place to visit than the Nine Ladies in Derbyshire. An early evening start and a clear run had us there quite some time before the moons arrival. Upon reaching the outskirts of the site, I asked whether there was anything to do for the site and was given a negative response. Following this up with a question of learning, I was told, Yes.


Nine Ladies at the Full Moon
Nine Ladies at the Full Moon

I asked for the most energetic way to enter the site and was taken through a young silver birch. As I passed through, I thought to myself, gateway. I could probably count on one hand the number of times a tree has been used as a gateway. Indeed, the number of times that passage to a site has been through a gateway has been few too. Still, not disturbed by this, I continued on following the rod. They followed a usual wavy path and then went through another forked tree. What!? Now that was a surprise, hadn’t I already entered the site? This was getting interesting.

Again I followed the rods and for a third time they went through another forked tree. If you have read the posts about our trip to Brittany last month, you will know that three is an important number where portals are concerned. I wondered (but didn’t ask) whether I had just opened a portal. Would the rods take me through another tree? I followed them and they took me straight into the circle. Apparently not. So three it was. It was the first time I had encountered a triple doorway entrance other than the afore-mentioned trip. Leaving it for the moment I wandered off into the circle.

Nine ladies is one of them circles that you remember as being big but are completely taken aback by how small it is. It seems to shrink and grow, not only at different times of the year but at different points in the day too. For instance when we arrived, it seemed tiny, but as the moon awoke it grew in stature. Not considerably, I might add, but definitely noticeably.

More Nine Ladies Shenanigans
More Nine Ladies Shenanigans

As I walked about the site, exploring its energies, I was taken (by the rods) to three distinct power places within it. Following my intuition, I was led to light three incense sticks and place them in these power spots. As I stood to the side and watched the smoke, a thought occurred to me and I measured the distance between the points. An equilateral triangle! That was unexpected, considering I had dowsed the points.

Energy was flowing from the points and I used the rods to follow them, my intention was to map them, but the there were too many and too complicated to do so. After many minutes my path twirled into a spiral and stopped, right over the transformer stone. I stepped onto it and enjoyed the energy flowing into it for a long time.

Finally, I was done. But what had I learned? Three doors to a gateway? Three equidistant power centres? Nothing terribly exciting there. Had I missed something, I asked the rods. They responded with a yes. Alas, all my questions beyond that were a no. So, apparently I had learned something, but knew not what. I have to laugh as this is a place I am very comfortable with.

Kal Malik Lost at the Nine Ladies

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