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Magician who Creates Worlds Beltane 2014 19

June 11, 2014
Place where I was named
Place where I was named

Welcome back to Albion. We had arrived back from our Brittany and Beltane pilgrimage late on Saturday afternoon. I was pooped! A long hot shower and off to bed was my own recommended therapy. And as prescribed that is what I did.

Dreams however had other ideas. The main theme seemed to be interlocking and weaving paths. A bit like a maze. But then it would turn vertical and look like a tetris game. I was tossing and turning for a while until I decided to get up. It was the middle of the night.

Rather than thinking of something else, I decided to go through my notes from Brittany. I was and am still convinced that there are threads in that journey that are still to come forth. I felt though that something big was being missed. It being the middle of the night and that I was really tired, I opted for bed with the promise of another site visit on the morrow. Before I hit the sack, I asked where would be appropriate. After several questions I learned that ONLY the Wizards wood would do. Really? It is the nearest place to me and it is the only one that will suit? I am not going to argue.

The next day (Sunday) I got busy with mundane items but the Wood played on my mind and so I finally gave in and drove out to…what? I had no idea. When I arrived it was hard to find a place to park, it was that busy. Then of course I realised that it was a Bank Holiday weekend. Still I managed to squeeze into the car park.

An ice-cream later I was navigating the wood – the question – take me to a place that will help me understand why I am here. I was walking for ages. Which was no surprise because I had parked quite far from our usual spot. Finally I was in recognisable territory in fact I was right where that fallen (see above pic) tree used to be.

The rods took me right to that spot and twirled. I remember the place well. It was the place I had got named many years ago (well about 4 years ago). I still recall it, it was a powerful moment. As I, again, stood on the now vacant spot. I heard the voice Magician who Creates his Own World.

Was this something to do with that naming? Yes said the rods. But why? What? I sat on the dusty floor and thought about it. Was this a turning of the spiral? A four-year turn? I didn’t ask as I was sat down, but I felt that it was the case. That would be one heck of a spiral!

In my pocket was the Golden Key of the Heart. I took it out and held it in my palm. Level 17 power I thought to myself. Wow! Sadly no inspiration was coming from either the spot or the key. Back to basics then. I stood up and grabbed my rods.

Is this something to do with my naming? Yes. Is it something to do with my trip to Brittany? Yes. A thought occurred to me. Could I dowse each word of the name to get a clue? Yes. Cool! Okay…

  • Magician? No
  • Creates? No
  • World? No

Well, then again, not so helpful. Was it to do with any of those words? No. What the Freak!

  • But it has something to do with the name? Yes.
  • Has the name changed? No.

Okay – time to go really dumb. Is it to do with…

  • Who? No
  • His? Yes!

What! What is that supposed to mean? Magician who creates ? own world? Was there an issue with the word, “Own” Yes! What!?! I had scratched the whole line into the ground and now saw just this…

Magician Who Creates World

It didn’t make sense until I added the obvious “s” to world.

Magician Who Creates Worlds

Was this my new name? No? Was this my name? Yes. You meant to say that I had it wrong since day one? Yes. But what had this to do with the Brittany trip? Had it something to do with it? Yes. Definitely? Yes.

I was at a loss to see how and why, but this new or rather clarification of name. It is interesting, isn’t it?

Kal Malik Magician


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  1. I would imagine that a wizard would need to create an inner world and inner focus before doing other work. If the energy to create comes from within – then ‘within’ is the place to start.

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