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Recovering the Golden Dragon

June 21, 2014

You may remember that I left you on a bit of a cliff-hanger at the finale of our visit to the French forest of Broceliande? I had been given the gift of a Golden Dragon but Kal had been incredibly suspicious of it, and his dowsing reported to him that it could only do harm. Well, at the time I released the dragon in order to save Kal from any harmful effects. In fact, at the time I dowsed for the level of harm it would do Kal and confirmed that actually, it was very harmful to his energy field to have this dragon presence around.

Now I was back in Britain, and curious to know more about this incident, and to see whether the Golden Dragon could be recalled to service. Was there a way of getting it back, and how could I protect Kal from its influence, if I could get it back?

For some reason I think of Alderley Edge. It seems to have the right environment for dragon work – a mix of good energies and different types of spaces – caves, trees, cliffs, streams, and even a fake stone circle. I arrive and have to make a decision – to dowse or not to dowse? I decide to let the dowsing rods guide me until I am cleansed, protected and in tune with the vibration of the forest this evening. I’m just being lazy, but dowsing is like a “fallback” position now and reliable as hell.

The rods lead me to a familiar place at the brow of a small hill. Yes, this is a cleansing place, so I stand in the rays of the evening sun and I let the normal world slough off me like a snake sheds its skin. It feels good to open up energetically, yet this is also a vulnerable moment, and so I put up some protection immediately, as though, having gotten ‘naked’ I should cover myself in energy in order to present myself to whatever I may meet. Even The Otherworld has its etiquette.

As I think about where to go next a hare breaks cover and scoots down the hill towards a quarried part of the forest. Then, lead on! The hare is clearly my guide for the evening. I walk down following the hare’s trail. By now it has vanished, of course, but its direction was clear enough. I follow the path into the quarry and realise I am where Kal found a cave once. Now it is very much on our “map” of the forest.

Golden Dragon - Alderley Edge - May 2014 (1) (Large)

In cave I settle into the vibe of the space and feel my aura compressing to match the shape of the rock around it. I am also aware of the being at the end of the cave, but on this occasion I merely acknowledge its presence and choose not to converse. I have work to do for myself. Soon the cave’s natural earth energies allow me a deep root connection with Brittany again. Whilst at Barnenez tomb complex I had created a strong earth link, and here I was experiencing the same form of connection – a really strong two-way link between my root chakra and the ground itself. Almost like my “tail” was stuck on the rock, and I was shackled by it, yet fed by it at the same time. An umbilical cord into Mother Earth.

I got a set of crystals ready for use, but now is not the time to use them. I feel that will come soon enough, and I pack them away again. Go with your instincts on things like this. I am sure now that I have been grounded and cleansed. My spirit guide prompts me that the next stage is to find a Faery Grove in order to connect with the Golden Dragon. I thank him for his intervention, and excitement builds as I consider the possibility, then look around considering which direction to go. A hare bolts from the nearest bush, streaking off out of the quarry and heading deeper into the forest. Then, my little fleet-footed guide – let’s go meet a dragon!

Golden Dragon - Alderley Edge - May 2014 (2) (Large)

No dowsing rods required now. As I move through the forest I am already in tune with the trees and the space, so I just walk, following the general direction that the hare ran in. My path meanders gently – sometimes on a path but often through unmarked territory. I am moving across country now, through gorgeous flower-filled fields around the edges of the forest, and the way is marked by rabbits running off in the direction I need to travel. At every major junction or decision point they appear and point the way again, their white tails waving like little flags.

The Meeting Oak

I am suddenly back in the forest’s shade, descending into a valley. I switch back to the rods, wanting to keep my attention open for anything ‘else’ that might be around – an energetic form, a special place, a feeling or a footfall. I know not what. The rods indicate that the place I need to be is on the far side of the narrow steep valley, and I am thankful to be climbing back towards the light again.

I was right to keep my attention open. After a hundred yards along the path at the top of the valley’s side the rods waver slightly and I feel the strong presence of an oak tree, even before I can confirm it with a leaf identification. I have come to know the feeling of these trees now. I stop and let the dowsing rods do their fine-tuning exercise to guide me in to the perfect place to sit. It is the place I would have chosen anyway once I step back and examine it. We attune to each other with deep breaths and silence, expanding our auras until they meet in a synchrony of vibration.

A Faery Glade at Alderley Edge forest
A Faery Glade at Alderley Edge forest

Blackthorn and The Dragon’s Claws

I use the tree’s connection to launch my attention back through time to the moment where I encountered the faery gift of the Golden Dragon. I replay our meeting, and again I untie the rope which binds it to the grove where it has been hidden.  I feel I need a reason to work with this entity.

Beltane to Summer Solstice has been defined by my Tree Angel Oracle tarot draw as being governed by the influence of Blackthorn. The essence of the reading is that the protagonist needs to work on the integration of the “shadow self” (in Jungian terms) – the darker aspects of the self. That which we repress when we control our responses to people and events.

I know that fundamentally I am a balanced person, primarily seeking to enact good deeds in order to restore balance where it is needed. So, what do I want from this Golden Dragon? In my communicative state I say that I want to use his powers for the good of all Nature, to increase my energy, and  to cast light on my shadow self. Does that sound too selfish, I wonder?

I imagine myself standing outstretched accepting the dragon back into my aura, and I physically replay this movement in the here-and-now. We embrace, the dragon’s claws reaching to take hold of me like the thorns of a Blackthorn tree. I feel it is part of my upper chakra aura, but can only activated by my heart when it is true. I feel a shudder as something energetic and powerful merges into my energy field.

In the next post I will talk about how I used this new energy form “for the good of all Nature” as I had promised..


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