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Strengthening Tree Roots

June 23, 2014
If the title sounds like a practical guide to ecological well-being then it is only partly misleading! This story is a continuation of my tale about recovering a Golden Dragon that I was offered as a gift in Brittany. Now I am in Alderley Edge forest, and having re-acquired the Golden Dragon I am keen to see what we can do when we work together. In this tale I find that we can work some very practical and beneficial natural magick.
Firstly, I need to set some ground rules with the dragon. We agree that
  1. he will disappear when Kal is near so as not to affect him.
  2. he will only be available when my heart is true and the task is worthy
  3. I will call on his services by using a set of crystals which I am currently carrying
The sun emerges from a sullen sky at this moment. A sign that an agreement has been reached and that we are good to go. So I go, packing my things quickly and moving through the forest in search of a place where we can work together. I am using my dowsing rods as guidance, again because I want to retain an awareness of everything as I pass and devote my full energy to that.

The Golden Dragon Crystals

Next I need to know about the dragon crystal set – a set of six crystals that I brought with me “just in case”. I have no idea what they were originally assembled for – I don’t think I ever used them for anything, and yet they were available as a set when I needed them. That need was now. I think it’s worth mentioning that this set of crystals seems to have accumulated by itself over a period of time. I may have had an idea that some crystals were to be used in a kind of chakra set, but found that to be useless. Some crystals then were used elsewhere, and new ones were put in. For what reason I don’t know, but somehow, through some means, I appear to have exactly the right number of crystals and of the right kind. You’ll see how that work in a minute. Just remarking that some “setups” on this spiritual path take a long time to be realised. We should always allow for that, and not try to control or regulate everything. A little bit of chaos and seemingly random input may actually be a necessary part of a long-term magickal process which makes no rational sense until it’s realised.
As revealed in my previous post, tonight I’m following rabbits, like Neo from The Matrix, or Alice in Wonderland. As I move away from the oak tree I stand stock still – there’s a small hare sitting in front of me, watching me, only twenty feet away. It is very young, and I don’t want to scare it so I wait for it to move. It doesn’t. So I send it a thought, and push some energy towards it – “Guide me on my path tonight!“, I say.  It suddenly ‘sees’ me and bolts down the valley’s steep side. I follow the path above to see where it went, but it’s too fast and has disappeared, and so I am left to wind my way down the slope as best I can, in the same general direction.
Golden Dragon - Alderley Edge - May 2014 (10) (Large)
A young fallen rowan tree needing help
In front of me there is a fallen rowan tree. I feel I ought to give it some healing, and so I stop to do just that, using a combination of my own energy and some white light drawn from any spiritual source which would want to contribute to such an act. I am both channel and worker in that I combine the two sources, investing my own healing energy into a universal healing process, and blending it with an Otherwordly energy source.

Golden Dragon - Alderley Edge - May 2014 (11) (Large)
A gnarly beech root in Alderley Edge
To Work with the Golden Dragon
The dowsing rods only get me so far before my intuitive or guided senses kick in and I stop at a gnarly-rooted beech tree. I remove my set of six crystals from their pouch. I need to know where each one goes, so I use the dowsing rods to find the best place for each. After this is done I see that four of the stones are placed where there is a colour correspondences –
  • the black crystal is on a patch of very dark soil
  • the ochre red crystal is sat on a copper-coloured leaf
  • the dark green crystal is on a patch of dark green moss
  • the light green crystal is on a patch of light green lichen
Pure coincidence, of course, but that was where the dowsing rods suggested. I wasn’t really “looking” until I stepped back and realised what had happened. I had never considered that colour correspondences really had any power in the magickal process before. Of course I had heard of that concept, but I never believe something just because I have read or heard it. Yet, here I was being shown that in SOME circumstances such a colour correspondence is helpful to the process. Noted, but now I need to know when it is useful, and when it isn’t. Another long journey into the world of learning required, I feel.
Two more crystals to place – a white one and a purple one. Notice that in this case, despite my knowledge of crystals and my qualifications in geology, the actually type of crystal is completely unimportant? Worth noticing, crystal fans. It’s the colour that’s important for this magickal work, not the type. How many crystal books tell you that?
The white one doesn’t go anywhere – I feel I need to hold that one. The purple crystal signifies the Golden Dragon itself (why purple, and not yellow? Are you asking me? I don’t know!). The purple crystal needs to be placed some six feet away from me. It has to be within my energy field, but not too close. We need to communicate, but not to overwhelm each other! I stand over the whole set and evaluate it as one formation – as my eye moves around the crystal layout it looks like a dragon in flight! Long neck, tail, and a square of wings in flight.
Golden Dragon - Alderley Edge - May 2014 (12) (Large)
Colour correspondences for crystals
Tree Root Work
Holding the white (clear) crystal I get deep into a meditative state until my senses have substantially reduced their inputs. I extend my attention out to the dragon crystal and make a tentative connection. I feel one. I feel a presence, and so I begin a dialogue. The dragon’s name is Ithgaanu. It reveals that it is happy to work with me, and suggests that we try this out together. It asks me what I wish to do. I consider this for a moment and suggest that so many trees in the forest have fallen over last year, and perhaps we can use our combined energies to strengthen the tree roots and prevent such devastation this year? The dragon assents to this, and we settle into a period of energy generation.
We let the energy go in one huge pulse which spreads out from us like the blast of an atomic bomb! That’s how powerful it feels. It flows through the soil spreading out like the ripple from a huge rock in a pond. The deep earth pulse is sent to all the trees in the forest to encourage them to root more strongly. I watch it travel throughout the forest, and then thank the dragon for the experience and co-operation. Hopefully this will see fewer trees felled in the year’s storms.
Golden Dragon - Alderley Edge - May 2014 (15) (Large)
A golden dragon or a bent bare tree?
I pack and leave. There’s nothing more to do. It has been a good start to our work together, and I am looking forward to seeing what we do next. Will I get called by the dragon, or will I call upon it again? We will see.
Like Kal’s recent visit, the journey through the forest seems to lead via a series of bent over trees. i found a third such tree, led to each by following rabbits still. As I walked away, out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw the bent tree transform into the form of a golden dragon, but when I looked back it was just a tree again. Wow, this forest exerts quite a force on the imagination at dusk!

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