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The Watcher’s Portal

June 17, 2014

This dramatic story begins one late May evening, when the sun is out. Oh, and it’s the month’s full moon too. It’s a long story, but it really is worth the reading effort. The drama is in the detail, to paraphrase a saying.

The decision is made by Kal – we are heading to Nine Ladies stone circle at Stanton Moor in Derbyshire. Why? Well, he might have a clue, but I’m going to “tag along”. Maybe something interesting will happen if I let it? It’s always good to go with a purpose, but this year I’ve been a bit more laissez-faire about such things, and the events have come to me. Well, boy did they happen to me this time!

As we arrive I check with the dowsing rods whether there is anything for me to do here related to my current spiritual quest (which is to discover why the giant in my vision throws the stone). Nothing to be done, and so I wonder what I  might get involved in.  Always eager to do something, I begin to dowse for a power centre even as we approach the site.

Approaching Nine Ladies circle through birch trees at dusk
Approaching Nine Ladies circle through birch trees at dusk

I ask to be taken to a place of interest to me. Well, it seems like a general enough enquiry to result in something interesting! And lo, I am taken to a tree with a red sandstone rock at its base – a place of cleansing. Er… didn’t I say a place of interest? Nevertheless, due process, I suppose. Cleansing always seems to be a requirement when I’ve spent time in the “real world”, where no doubt I am bringing in energies that are, to say the least, incongruous with effective natural magick working.

The same request for a place of interest then leads me to a pair of slim birch trees which formed a ‘doorway’. I ask if this is a portal – YES. Glad to hear that after many years of druidry I can now spot these features, and the dowsing rods are an ideal confirmation tool. Having recently been working with seal energies I ask if the portal has a seal on it – YES. Interesting. I see a seal and I feel a challenge coming on, providing that it is sensible to approach the challenge, of course. “Experience has made me rich“, Madonna sang. Indeed.

Meeting with the High and Mighty

I recognise that the area was the spot where I had seen The Watcheran otherworldly being of great power which had scared Kal and I on previous visits. We had first sensed it, then seen it standing stock still on one side of the stone circle, about fifty yards from its outer perimeter. It was a tall dark and indistinct shape which had impressed upon us that we should not enquire about its nature or purpose. Even thinking about it had brought a dread upon us, such was the awesome aura that it exuded. However far away from it we were, imagining this being would evoke a shiver down the spine and a desire to change the subject quickly. It became like Voldemort in the Harry Potter films – it is “he who shall not be named”.

Now I stand at the birch tree portal and I feel that I am in the proximity of The Watcher. I ask the dowsing rods if the portal is related to The Watcher – YES. And so the seal is something which it has created – YES as well. Hmmm…. do I really want to mess with this?

The Watchers Portal - two small birch trees
The Watchers Portal – two small birch trees

Now for the step over the line, as it were – if I “unlock” the seal then can I interact with The Watcher? YES. A thrill of excitement is tempered by a little shiver of fear. Here goes nothing, as they say! Double, triple protection is established using every form I know. I call upon my spirit guide Ash to assist with the work and I double-check with him that I am firstly capable of this work, and secondly that it will have no dread consequences for myself or anyone else. No-one else will be impacted. As for the impact on me, I am told that I need to follow my heart on this one. Heart says go for it, I’m ready. So, let’s go!

Unlocking the Seal

There are three locks on the seal. The first one I stand there requesting it to open – nothing. At Kerzerho this had worked. Here there is no response,. no feeling of success. What now? Ash prompts me with a helpful nudge – “What if you were to generate some more personal energy?” he suggests.

I’m not going to go into detail about what I did next. These are things that are important for each person to learn for themselves. Sorry – but this blog isn’t a how to do everything guide! The stories are the inspiration for you to do your own work. You go figure it out!

I now have a small ball of energy created from the major power centres in my energy body. I hold the ball and ask the seal to open. Something changes – a flutter in the air density! The dowsing rods confirm that the first seal is open now. I dowse to the next lock location. At the next lock I raise more energy. The small ball of energy is expanded to create a larger sphere which surrounds me, adding more and more energy into it until it is a solid sphere that I can maintain easily. Click – the lock opens, so to speak.

At the final lock I wonder what to do next. I am told by my spirit guide to face the circle of stone nearby and I feel that I should push the ball of energy and expand it yet again with more energy work until it covers the circle like a dome. The lower half of the energy dome sinks into the ground so that the site was completely enclosed in my energy ball. Then my original small ball of energy re-appears, and I send it into the larger dome around the circle, where it settles at a place which I know to be a compatible power centre inside the stone circle. Interesting! Click! Final lock undone!

I now move into the circle itself. Kal is involved in a discussion with two ladies who have appeared but I am maintaining an energy link to my spherical creations, so I can’t break that. I hold the spheres in place with my attention, and use the dowsing rods to guide me by the most energetically preserving path until I am standing inside the small human-sized sphere which covers my body like a protective sheath.

Inside this small circle of energy I felt I can now talk safely with The Watcher, so I turn to face him. The spheres are acting like a cushion of protection, and a conduit through which we can communicate. I send my attention towards The Watcher and feel its presence, then suddenly we were talking.

Full moon at Nine Ladies - May 2014
Beautiful full moon at Stanton Moor, Derbyshire

Chatting to a Watcher

I introduce myself, saying that I had previously come here as Gwas Myrddyn, but that now I had a new druid name, so I re-introduce myself as this name. I feel a shudder as the name reverberates with the being. Really? How interesting. It is clearly a name of power, and The Watcher recognises it as such. Amazing. I had no idea it was such a powerful name. I suddenly feel much more confident We have a position of mutual respect, which we had not had on previous encounters, when I had been the energetically-inferior by far, and when I was far too inexperienced in such encounters. Now we meet on a more level footing, yet I was incredibly wary of its obvious power.

It asks me why I would come through the portal to meet it, and I stop. I havn’t thought this far, having been too interested in the project of getting to meet The Watcher, rather than thinking ahead to when I might actually do if I got to this point! I ask the being about what its purpose is here, hoping for a clue as to what kind of exchange we could make. The Watcher says its purpose is to gain information about the energetic exchanges of all life in this surrounding space. So, it wants to collect information? I suggest we might make an information exchange. What if I could offer it some knowledge of energetic exchanges from places in other areas which were like this? Would that be of interest? YES, comes the response.

In return, The Watcher says, it an offer me a taste of the skill of Watching. In other words, it can show me how to see the energy flows that it watches. Well, neither of us really know what we we are getting here, but it sounds tempting. I say I needed a minute to confer, and I pull out of the conversation for a quick chat with myself. Using the dowsing rods I ask my guide Ash and anything else that might be able to offer advice as to what was going on here:

  • Is the exchange to my benefit? YES
  • Is there any problem with the concept of the exchange? NO
  • Will there be wider detrimental consequences for anyone or anything else if I did this? NO
  • Is there any trickery going on here? YES. Yes!!!!? Alarm bells ring,. sirens go off, Klaxons sound.

What was I supposed to do now? Add more protection? Be more cautious? Abandon the idea? … I decide to be very cautious and continue, and I ask Ash to be extra vigilant for me, and to warn me if there was something tricky happening. I am now placing my trust in my spiritual partners, and I go back into trance, re-connecting with The Watcher. Hey – nothing ventured. One has to be brave sometimes. Back in connection with The Watcher I explain that I will do the exchange. The Watcher invites me to his portal, where, he says, the exchange can be done. I am acutely aware that I am outside of my specially-created protection spheres….hmmmm…..

Preparing to See

I come out of trance and begin to think about what is to come. The Watcher wants my stories. Perhaps there is another way to deliver that without letting the entity into the deepest recesses of my memory? Maybe I can put the memories into a crystal? I check my bag – I have two sets of  crystals with me, but they are already designated for use… can I use one of these, perhaps? I begin to reach into the bag and a huge warning flashes into my head – NO! Then, I won’t use one of those.

I go on the hunt for another crystal and using the dowsing rods I am shown a blackened chunk of red sandstone nearby. Really? I ask the rods for something else and am taken to various places where I reckon I might have to dig to find an appropriate crystal. I’m not going to do that, so I head back to the first rock and pick that up. This will do, then, it seems. Foragers can’t be choosers!

I concentrate for a few minutes in order to download all of my stories into the rock. Hold on! Another tap on the metaphorical shoulder from my spirit guide. He is suggesting that I make my stories one step removed from the actual memories that I hold within my mind. How about literally copying the text of the Hedge Druid blog and placing those words into the stone? Then they would be inert copies of the stories, rather than stories that would have an energetic connection to me. Good thinking! I like that suggestion. It fulfils the brief, whilst protecting me from unforeseen repercussions with this powerful being. I do as my guide had suggests, charging the stone with the words alone, and any pictures which did not contain any part of my soul (or Kal’s for that matter).

I place the now-charged sandstone rock at the base of the birch tree portal. It feels right to tuck it into one of the darker recesses. I stand at the edge of the portal and re-connect to the Watcher. Let’s see what happens now!

The Watcher – a dark powerful figure

The Watching

The stone is accepted, and I am invited by The Watcher to stand in the portal entrance for him to begin to show me The Watching. I can feel the strong energy band between the two trees and I step into it. I am fixed rigidly in place. My gaze is fixed but relatively widely focused, such that I can see all of the activity around the stone circle at the same time, not focused on any one part in particular.

I go into a deep trance where I can see what’s happening with the energy around the circle. There is a heavy and ever-thickening layer of energy over the scene. I see the two ladies who are also at the site. One lady has very little energy around her. I switch attention slightly to the other, who is standing under the big nearby oak tree. I see that she has a tall aura, which is pulsing upwards towards the canopy of the tree. The tree’s energy is a showering cascade of wispy white energy, almost like a thin mist, mizzling down over the lady.

Kal walks into the circle and begins to do some dowsing. I ‘watch’ him with interest, stock still between the birch trees. His eyes scan over me, but don’t seem to see me. I see that Kal is composed of two contra-flowing spirals.

I watch as he dowses in and around the stones of the circle. As the dowsing rods take him to a stone then it copies his double-spiral form, and energy emerges from the top of the stone, arcing to connect to him as he continues his perambulations. As the dowsing goes on then more and more stones join this energy network, each stone seeking to copy his double spiral form, and then link to him. Soon he has a network of almost all the stones. But there are three that he hasn’t been to.

One of these stones is energetically dead. Kal’s dowsing never takes him to that stone. Another stone, a large flat female stone, he also never goes near to. I know this is because it is so hugely incompatible with his own energy form. He has no need of that energy, and can’t use it.

Yet there is one final stone that he SHOULD visit, but he keeps avoiding it. I watch emotionless, but increasingly curiously frustrated, Then the dowsing swerves him around and takes him to the final stone. It too changes into a double spiral form, and then links to him. Now he has all the necessary stones linked to him and he stops. I draw a huge breath of relief, but the vision only gets stronger. The whole site begins to pulse like an umbrella fighting a strong wind. Pulse, throb, lift and fall. There are several layers of energy involved in this – one at ground level, another at the height of the stones, and a third one which is like a pale white blanket hovering over the whole scene. They all ripple and move as energy threads move through them and join into the tapestry of energy that is woven into these layers. Each of the layers is feeding the other – the extent of their pulsing energies overlap each other.

Then I hear The Watcher speak. He says: “Now you will see the whole energy picture!“.

My focus becomes more widespread, less tied to watching Kal. I hear birdsong, and see its melody flow like threads over the top and into the scene. I see the aura of many trees crisscrossing each other, and their energy flowing out to join the energy form around the stone circle. I see the King Stone’s energy flowing down the hill like rivulets of a stream, flowing into and around the site. I feel the full moon’s energy beginning to flood the site. I hear the grass singing too, each blade’s energy emerging from the tips of the blade to join into the energy pattern. All I can say is “Wow!”.

The Pull-Out

I am momentarily aware that I am standing stock still, pinned in between two birch trees, and that the energy between these trees is now very intense. Very intense. My body is throbbing with it. So intense and yet so sweet. Feel the force! Feel the intense aliveness of Watching! Admire the power….! Live it!!

You are becoming The Watcher. My work here is done. You are soon The Watcher. I can leave…”

Whoah! Wait! Stop!!! The Watcher’s words appeared in my mind like a taunt, as though a torch was being passed on to a dupe, to someone who didn’t fully appreciate what was happening….I stand riveted by the energy field around me, listening to the being’s relieved words….

Strong energy vibration at The Watcher's portal
Strong energy vibration at The Watcher’s portal

There’s a part of our mind which I used to call “The Keeper“. It keeps you from self-destructing. Over the last few years I have realised that this ‘part of the mind’ is what people also call their ‘Guardian Angel’. I am not sure now where it belongs, but I know it is incredibly useful at preventing stupid humans from dying. On this warm moonlit evening The Keeper, my guardian angel, maybe Ash, someone steps in to assist me. I am pulled out of the trance I am in, and I feel a surge of personal power – like a moment of incredible clarity and perspicacity. I am back in full control, with an incredible strength of will, donated from who knows where. I step backwards out of  the portal and close down the link with The Watcher as quickly as I can. Door closed!

Guardians and Gambles

I stand trembling for a minute or so, composing myself like a drunk who has had to sober up really quickly. Calm, calm, Safe now. But a moment ago, standing between those trees, I could have stayed there forever. And I knew that if I had stayed there for even one second longer then I would have never got free – that I would have been the unknowing recipient of a job that I hadn’t applied for! I would have become The Watcher!

I pull my wits together, and begin the process of dismantling all of my energy connections, reclaiming all that I have left, and recovering in the process little by little. As the full moon hides its face between the dark branches of the tallest trees I know that I have had a lucky escape – I have been rescued from a fate which is not my path, and yet which I have walked into. Had I been tricked? Possibly, but the whole exchange has been a dubious affair. I can’t afford to deliver everything that The Watcher has asked for, and no doubt The Watcher has its own reasons for wanting to deliver something inside the package of offering me the skill of Watching.

I take a moment to thank all of the energy beings that have contributed to my safety. The phrase “someone up there is looking out for you” rings in my head. Perhaps they are, but that was too close. I was beguiled by the fact that I had the power to meet The Watcher in the first place, and I was within seconds of losing my way, losing my mind. I’ll weigh the gamble a little more carefully next time. That’s the value of experience. Now you have the experience too.

You may consider this a cautionary tale, but these gambles are what being at the edges of energy working are all about. This is the shaman’s path, the druid’s way, and I will continue to walk in those footsteps, returning with the stories for you to read. Enjoy!




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  1. A near miss indeed and a high five to the spirits protecting you. I too have dealt with similar guardians and have been “rushed” more than once exactly as described by avalongrailcode. Fortunately, I’m older and more respectful now but it does beg the question, “Are ‘Watchers’ the same as a Site Guardian?”

    I’ve also found that Site Guardians can have varied personalities which range from the “bull rush” kind to a more gentle, “Hey, can I ask why you’re poking this site without permission?” type.

  2. The similiarities between your story and mine are noticeable.
    So, as ever with such work, new questions arise:-

    * Is The Watcher a site guardian? Is a site guardian the same as a Watcher?

    In this game, it’s a never-ending quest for answers.

  3. Fascinating and evocative as ever! I have also being enjoying your posts about Carnac etc. very much over the last few weeks. I know that it is not my path this time around to personally go very deep into these realms but ancient understandings are revived nevertheless so I am very grateful for the time and effort you are both taking in recording your fascinating exploits.

    I have had a few glimpses of some of these realms and Beings from time to time: encountering what can only have a Watcher at a quite hidden sacred site in Somerset years ago. It was dusk on a Winter’s evening and I was energetically pulled into some quite deep woodland while walking along a roadway near where I was living a the time.

    To my surprise I soon found a standing stone with a small henge circle nearby.
    I put my hands reverently on the standing stone and in a light trance was shown the energy grid connecting it with the other sacred sites right across the whole landscape of the Mendip Hills and across to Glastonbury Tor. Brilliant!

    But then,suddenly, I felt a huge ‘dark’ energy moving very quickly towards me – the local Watcher I suppose? I had inadvertently attracted his attention and he ‘rushed’ at me before stopping about 20 ft away.I removed myself physically as quickly as possible needless to say. Scared – you bet!

    Later, and from a distance, I tuned in to ask what the **** had happened. The reply was that this Ancient Guardian of the Site was coming to find out who was messing=working with his stones without asking permission first.

    In my naivety back then, I had no idea about such protocols. However, I can only assume that in following my guidance and being shown the landscape’s energy grid, that I had been doing something useful or needed at the time!

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