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Calming the Golden Dragon

July 8, 2014
When the evening is filled with sunshine and warmth then a lowly Hedge Druid has to make full use of it. I left work earlier than usual in order to beat the traffic. Arriving at Alderley Edge I found that there were few others parked up. Today that was a benefit – I wanted a quiet space in the forest to find some answers to questions I had about The Golden Dragon.

No rods tonight – I don’t have them with me. I will have to do all of this work using my senses alone. I switch on my attunement as I pass through one of the entrances to the forest, pausing briefly in order that my aura is noticed by the beings in the forest. It is recognised. We are now familiar cousins. I wander on a wavy path towards a familiar place on a rise – it is the place of cleansing, but it has moved slightly since I was last here. Nonetheless, I absolve myself of worldly energies before setting off again on my wanderings.

As I am about to walk on when a crow squawks loudly above me, landing on a tree next to the one I am beneath. I notice it, and it caws again, it’s beady eye catching mine. I see – tonight you are the messenger, Mr Crow. Then I will follow your direction. The crow lifts up into the air and soon drops onto the top of a nearby tree. I walk towards it, and as I am about to pass a specific pine tree it caws loudly once more. I look up at the crow – this one, I ask? “Caw!”. I thank the crow for his guidance and he lifts himself away into the blue evening sky – his work is done.

A dying pin in Alderley Edge
A dying pin in Alderley Edge

The pine tree is dying. As I touch it I can feel its energy sapping away. As I commune with the tree I begin to appreciate what is happening here. Part of the work I did with the Golden Dragon in this very forest a few weeks earlier has hastened the rate at which the dying trees are killing themselves off to make more material and energy available to the living trees. This is part of the process of the living trees strengthening their existing root systems. But what a sad consequence for the weak trees! Suicidal sap! However, when you consider that trees are much more communal and inter-related than humans, then the sacrifice seems more comprehensible somehow. This is an existing cycle of regeneration, but my recent work has added impetus to that process, that’s all.

I decide to move on. The crow has disappeared, but other crows take flight silently as though to indicate my next direction. I begin to head deeper into the forest in search of more inspiration.

Questioning The Dragon
I thought I was in the forest by myself, but as I go deeper in search of a place which feels suitable I find that every path has a dog-walker on it. I spend half an hour dodging dogs who seem to want to play. They’re just loving the evening sun and the freedom os the space, just like I am. After what seems like a minor eternity I find myself standing beneath a rocky overhand next to a stream. I pause, stand still and relax. I must be close now?
Another person rounds the path and nearly jumps out of his skin because he wasn’t expecting anyone to be half hiding in the rock. I stifle a giggle, and wish him well on his travels. Hope his heart holds out! As he moves away I head up to a small ravine which is blocked by a series of fallen trees. Obviously, less intrepid people would simply not go there. I go there.
I settle down next to a delightful birch tree whose roots seems custom-made to house a sitting druid. Once centred, relaxed, grounded and protected I begin to fade into a light trance, extending my senses outwards to feel for any helpful source of information that I can connect to. I feel a presence, and ask if I can  ask questions about The Golden Dragon. I can. We begin.
A secluded raving in Alderley Edge forest
A secluded raving in Alderley Edge forest
My questions are:-
  1. Is the Golden Dragon safe for me to work with? NO – The dragon harbours anger at Faery for enslavement. This must be dissipated.
  2. Can the Golden Dragon be made safe to work with? YES – The smell of rhododendron flowers can dissipate the anger.
This second powerful piece fo information comes with an additional note: It must be remembered that the dragon is available for me to work with and control, but it is never something that I can own.
I have nothing else to ask. My subtle energy is low this evening, possibly because this is a time before the first quarter of the moon – a time when I have noticed that energetic work is so much harder, and attention wavers easily. I leave the raving, thanking the trees that sheltered me, and the spirits that worked with me.
Lone rhododendron flower on the way home
Lone rhododendron flower on the way home
On the way back I go by a path which just happens to pass by one lone rhododendron which was obvious because of its solitude. Duly noted! Signs, signs, signs. They’re everywhere if you “have eyes to see them”.

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