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Depth in the Depths of Coom Wedge Tomb – p3 Solstice 2014

July 24, 2014
Coom Tomb
Coom Tomb

With some astute navigation we had arrived at the final sacred site of our first afternoon/evening in Ireland. We had visited a couple of sites so far and the experiences at each had been overwhelmingly fabulous. I was eager to see what could be learned here.

As is usual I asked whether there was anything I can do for this place? The answer was no. This place was more for Gwas than for me. But I smelled Caileach in the air and so expected that something would be in it for me too. Asking whether I needed to prepare in any fashion gave a response of no.

I hoped that I didn’t need to crawl into the depths of the tomb and was relieved when the rods concurred. Not that I minded, it’s just that the last time I crawled into a cave in Ireland it was into the belly of a Dragon! Fortunately, as the picture shows, all I needed to do is get close to the tomb entrance. As a side note, in that picture, Gwas is actually inside the tomb!

The spirit of the place (Genius Loci) was very accommodating in helping me understand things. It told me that with the Water Element I had been given the ability to peer into the depths of things, situations, issues, beings and problems.

Coom Tomb - Kal
Coom Tomb – Kal

Wow! I thought and immediately began to mentally go over what I could use this ability on before I was cut short, “you have to cultivate this ability” warned the spirit. “The Earth Element you have already gained, can be used as an anchor when you plunge into the depths.”

I bet you are asking, “where does this knowledge come from?” From the Genius Loci of course – ha ha

As I rested my back and got more comfortable. It was actually quite comfortable there. Both Gwas and I agreed that we could have spent many minutes enjoying the energy of that place. However I wasn’t to be left in peace. Caileach made her presence felt.

Just as a side point. Here in Ireland my experience of Caileach is slightly different. Whereas in other places it is as if she appears. Here it is more like she is always here, and just opens a door way between us. Interesting…

“Tomorrow you must join with your Energy Double and peer into its depth.” She commanded. Okay, I said, with a whole hint of “I’m not too sure about that…”

“But, ” Her voice was like a bell being struck, “You must have me with you!” I felt her stare burn into me, “Do not do it on your own!”

And the door way faded. Silence and the darkness of the night settled over me.

Kal Malik

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