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Recovering the Church of Michael

July 8, 2014

Is it wrong for a druid to be working for an angel? Let’s not even start that discussion! Let’s just say that I took the ‘case’ on and I am working it, like some kind of kindly private detective. This post relates to the direction I was given recently at The Druid’s Circle. There I was directed by Archangel Michael (who I will refer to as Michael) to take note of the direction of a rainbow, and to use that as guidance to find a church that was dedicated to his name. The indications were that something terrible had happened at the church which had changed the energies at that site in a drastic way. Michael had asked if I would take on the task of re-aligning the energies so that they would be compatible with his vibration again. It would be my pleasure!

I find myself in the delightful company of Magic Mike (hereafter ‘Mike’), who tells me coincidentally that this is the moniker that he has been given by his friends who live at the site of his holiday home. I love coincidences like that. We are venturing forth deep into the heartland of the eastern Welsh hills, close to the town of Oswestry and Welshpool. The bearing that I had taken at Druid’s Circle has pointed directly to a church called ‘St. Michael’s‘ in the village of Llanfihangel Yng Nwynfa. The sun is shining and the day is shaping up to be a hot one, and so we come prepared – we’ve brought a picnic! No, seriously, I’m equipped with a special crystal. I have brought the rose quartz crystal that appeared on the path in front of my house recently.

I discuss the apport incident with Mike, and he reveals to me that he was told that an apport always contains a little of the energy used by the spirit that apported it. I had dowsed that morning that the crystal’s appearance was directly linked to Michael, and so now I find myself carrying a crystal with angelic energy in it, and heading to Archangel Michael’s church in order to do his work. Another set of delightful links.

Llanfihangel St Michaels Church - June 14 (12) (Medium)

The Unlucky Horseshoe

At the entrance to the churchyard is a white-painted iron gate leading to a line of yew trees. We open the squeaking gate and Mike immediately senses that this area is full of “bad energy”. He turns to the yew trees and senses that they are bearing the brunt of the pressure of trying to absorb this energy. I accompany his senses with some dowsing and find the same results – the two entrance yews are saturated. Normally yew trees will absorb and ground energies that are associated with the process of death and decay, dispersing them far into the earth below. In this case they are being overwhelmed by the bad energy and it is spilling out beyond the confines of the churchyard.

As if in some intuitive moment I looked upwards above the white gate. Hanging overhead is an iron horseshoe – prongs downwards. We look at each other – that’s the “bad luck” way, right? Indeed it is. Superstitious, but in this instance an indicator which just seemed to re-enforce the feelings and our findings. We vow to resolve the problem once we have looked around the rest of the area. There may be something still more sinister at work here!

I trust in the dowsing rods, asking them to lead me to the source of the major problem that was identified at Druid’s Circle a week before. The rods dutifully wave about then veer off to the right taking me down to an area where a few diamond-shaped graves are located, and which overlooks an adjacent farm. I can see wheel tracks. Something has been brought through the grass that has at least two tyres. The rods cross at a point where there is a towing trailer-sized area of flattened grass. I look around searching for clues as to the identity of the ‘problem’.

I see some scorched plants. I see a damp patch that may once have been a stream before it became overgrown, but now it looks brown and unpleasant. I see a heavily cut-back area closer to the church which looks like someone has taken the plants back to the roots. Mike has wandered off towards the church and so I go to join him, unable to identify the source of the problem yet.

Llanfihangel St Michaels Church - June 14 (2) (Medium)

As I round the side of the church the whole picture becomessuddenly very clear. My reasoning works back from the vision before me and traces the source back to the gravestone that I was just standing at. Before me lies a scene of utter devestation! Scorched grass, dead plants, not a living thing to be seen on the ground! Judging by the periphery of this bleakness where some fo the plants seem half dead, this must have been the actions of weedkiller. And the tracks near to gravestone? One of those containers that carries large quantities of the terrible liquid? It all fits.

Llanfihangel St Michaels Church - June 14 (9) (Medium)

Michael vs The Weedkiller

Let’s get to work! I have brought a crystal which is imbued with the energy of Archangel Michael, and so I dowse for a suitable place to put this – it is placed in a quiet corner of the church building outside. Magic Mike decides that he wants to walk around the building holding a massive pillar of quartz. So be it. As he passes me for the second time he’s almost running! Yes, a build up of energy is obvious in his ‘facilitated perambulation’ – ha ha!

I call upon the Michael energy to do its work – to create an umbrella of protection around the church and the line of yews forming the entrance avenue. I can feel Mike’s energy feeding into this process, making the energetic cover I’m creating much bigger, thicker and stronger. Then I turn my attention to the devestation around me.

Llanfihangel St Michaels Church - June 14 (4) (Medium)

I link into the angelic Michael energy in order to draw some of it down and re-formulated the energy field of the churchyard so that it is once again compatible with Michael. I ask that the energy also be of such a vibration that it will promote the growth of the plants whose seeds or roots may have survived this onslaught.

Avenging Angel

During the process of working with the Michael energy I undergo a disturbing moment – Michael has three modes (see this post):

  1. Protection (circling sword)
  2. Strength (sword through spine)
  3. Honour (sphere of light)

I use all three modes of energy to re-establish the correct energy field at a compatible vibration level, but then I am presented with a new “mode” from Michael. His Justice. In this mode I am asked to imagine a slashing sword, cutting diagonally through the target. The target of this Justice is the person who had sprayed the weedkiller!

I come out of trance for a moment because Mike is passing by on his third circumnavigation. I stop him and we discuss what to do. I feel rather unsure about whether this is the right thing to do. Is it my job to dispense energetic justice? I discuss it with Mike and we reason that Justice is often a double-edged sword: Punishment may need to be a necessary part of the process of delivering justice. Mike argues that Michael is the one making the judgement that such a move is deserved, not me. For a moment the irony of Mike being a mout-piece for Michael distracts me from the situation,b ut I re-gain my focus.

I decide to do it this time, but with a mental note to go away and consider what it means to be the dispenser of Justice in such situations. There’s a philosophical dilemma here, and I need to decide whether I am going to allow myself to be part of such decisions in future. There’s a whole debate to be had about being used as a channel, as a puppet. I suppose if it had been too objectionable, then I might have not done it.

With that part of our work done we head back to the entrance. On the way Mike picks up a black feather which drops at his feet! As we pass one of the yews he places it on its trunk.

Llanfihangel St Michaels church - June 14 (17) (Medium)

We notice that some of the yew trees are sad – struggling and depressed. Now, you can’t do counselling for trees! What you can do is to help them energise, and that’s what we’re good at. We begin to weave some healing energy from yew to yew along the avenue, swapping sides as we progress from tree to tree. We clean the yews and re-energise them as we touch them. The worst affected are the ones closest to the entrance where the horseshoe has been hanging, and which have been acting as a portal, trying to keep the bad energies from seeping out.

When we get to the iron gate where the horseshoe is hanging then I know there’s more work to be done. I climb up onto the gate and change the horseshoe so that it points the right way around. Suddenly the whole place feels better.

Llanfihangel St Michaels Church - June 14 (13) (Medium)

Mike tells me that he believes the inhabitants of the house nearby have been suffering from illness recently as a result of the bad energies. There’s no way for us to check, but it’s an interesting thought that your health can be affected by the presence of incompatible energies if you live close to a source like a graveyard. Thankfully, this particular graveyard has been re-sanctified back to the energy configuration of Archangel Michael. Good luck Llanfihangel!


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